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Things That Are on Your Mind


War. War never changes.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
Wow I really feel for you, man.

I hate it when anything's up with my dog (dogs now). Like the other week, my dog, who's 6 years old now, had a lump on her tail and I feared the worst. The vet went through everything to having the tail off to it possibly being life threatening. It ended up being just a minor cyst, but for those 2 weeks I was really down, so I can relate, somewhat, to how you're feeling now and that I've had a dog pass away before.

Hope everything turns out ok for your dog.

Just tested his blood today, everything's normal. Even his eye infection or whatever seems mostly better at this point. I think he just has a problem of being old.
He's a traitor to the crown! And Traitors to the crown must die!

(No clue. I was just thinking it for some random reason. Not even sure who 'he' is.
Must've been the purple guy.
(Reference anyone?))

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