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Things That Annoy You


Innocent but not fearful.
Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
- the term Y.O.L.O. - "Got arrested, YOLO." "Failing all my classes, YOLO." "suuuperz druunKk! YogO" <- No, just no.
- racist jokes/stereotypes/any form of bullying - It's not funny, and it doesn't make you cool.
- doing all the work on a a group assignment
- people who fake injuries or illnesses just to get attention
- when adults say, "Because I said so." - That is not a legitimate reason why I cannot do something.
- ko0L pe0pL3 d@t Typ3 lyKe dii$ - problems with grammar tend to bother me.
- when people constantly complain about things, yet do nothing to change the situation.
- girls who use formal days, such as Remembrance Day, to dress provocatively
- being sick - my current problem.
- spoiled, yet ungrateful children
- taking 20+ minutes looking for something, and it was right in front of you the whole time
- people who constantly say they suck at something, when they're obviously talented at it
- not being able to find my leftovers in the fridge - Oh yea, just feel free to help yourself. I would've said yes if you would've asked, but whatever.
- getting papercuts, especially on a part of the hand that you constantly move

These are just a few to name. I usually just deal with all these things, but they do annoy me.

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
Babies. I really don't like babies. They're gross, they barf and poop and pee everywhere, they can't feed themselves, they cry their lungs out every five minutes for no discernible reason. But what really annoys me is that everyone else finds them adorable and wants to hold them, and then they assume that I do as well. No, ma'am, I don't want to hold your baby... no.. STOP I DON'T WANT TO HOLD YOUR DAMN BABY!!!

Heat and humidity. Even though I've lived in Oklahoma most of my life I've never gotten used to the weather here, particularly the summer. I get all itchy and I can't cool off even if I go for a swim. I want to move north and to the coasts as soon as I can.

Waiting. I am not a patient man, and anytime I am in a situation where I have to just sit there and wait for something, like when I'm in the theater before the show starts or when I'm on the bus, I pull out my ds and play Pokemon rather than be bored. Actually, just say that I really don't like to be bored. Yeah that'll do.

Rap and country. That's what I mostly hear at school, and it drives me up the wall.

My biggest annoyance, verging on actual hatred, is when people ignore me. When I am talking to someone I expect them to pay attention, and when they turn from me and start talking to someone else on an unrelated subject, that's when I get mad. And I let them know it too, I'm an easygoing guy but that's a really quick way for you to piss me off.

People who chew with their mouth open. They should never be allowed to eat again.

If that were the case the world would be much less populated, on account of all the Asians who'd starve to death.


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
People. Their faces, when they talk, the things they say when they talk, what they do, their reasoning for what they do, just EVERYTHING! People piss me off...


People with too much pride and/or courage.

I can tolerate few sentences, such as "I'll be fine" or "I'll win" but when it bumps up to "he'll definitely lose" or "I'm way more powerful than you" I somewhat lose my temper.


Apr 22, 2011
This could be a long list. I don't typically show that I'm annoyed, but internally I'm raging. Well, here we go.

Things That Annoy Me

- My brother

- Math (Algebra in particular)

- Complete silence

- Heat (specifically temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit)

- Being sweaty

- My hair (when it's not straightened or just won't stay the way I want it to)

- Cleaning up after other people's messes

- Techno, electronica, dubstep, hip-hop, pop, rap, country (these music genres make me want to hammer a nail into each of my ears to block the sound)

- When people blatantly ignore or defy simple instructions (for example, when people don't stop talking when the teacher asks everyone to be quiet)

- Facial hair (I can't stand having a mustache or a beard; I shave almost weekly)

- When people say or do things knowing that it will bother someone

- Politics (just stop arguing and get this country in order already)

- When people say or do things with the intention of upsetting or hurting someone

- Text talk or IM speak (how hard is it to type the word "you"? I mean, come on)

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Most of the shows on Comedy Central (except Tosh.0)


- The song Call Me Maybe

- Justin Bieber

- Lady Gaga

- The song Party Rock Anthem

- The song Gangnam Style

- Gossip or rumor-spreading

- When people complain about Zelda timelines

- The fact that people think there needs to be a Zelda timeline

- The idea of a Zelda timeline

- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (it's my least favorite Zelda game)

- Midna (she is a god-awful character)

- When people get touchy about or argue about religion

- People who find it funny to troll or tease people

- Trolling

- The week-long wait for new episodes of anime to come out

- When people think certain characters are "ruining their OTP" when in actuality they aren't (for example, the stupid people on tumblr who think Suguha is coming between Kirito and Asuna in Sword Art Online. Open your eyes. She obviously is not coming between them.)

- When people get into shipping wars and OTP wars

- The WWE

- Every sport

- When my parents hog all the TVs downstairs when football or baseball is on (I wanna watch something that's actually interesting, not that boring stuff)

- When I can't fall asleep at night

- When a song or video I like is taken down from YouTube

- My cell phone (for a Nokia, it's not very indestructible :I )

- When people nag me about doing certain things (let me take my time on some things, darn it)

- When plans I've made don't work out

- When one of my friends is absent from school (I get lonely easily without them)

- Being sick

- Being hot and unable to cool off

- Being too cold and unable to warm up

- When my dad says he's going to start dinner in ten minutes and waits half an hour (he does that a lot)

... And that's about all I can think of at this moment. I'm sure there's a lot more, but I think what I've put down is quite enough for now... ._.

Fascinating how you haven't exploded yet living on this planet!



Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
-Deku babas
-People that use, ":I and ;p" IT REALLY ****ING MAKES ME MAD AND ONLY FUELS MY HATE FOR THAT PERSON *Dan ***** his pants opens the window and throws it at the milkman*
-People that over exaggerate problems which normally results in making them a lot worse.
-People on their high horse(So many people are often guilty, the saying do as I say not as I do I think applies to everyone)
-Pancake keeps telling us all he will speak to Amber then doesn't ;p
-Deku babas
-jewel thief's
-Our human behavior, jealously, and hate.
-Wetting my bed every monday
-Deku babas
-French truckers
-Orange tans
-Duck face
-16 year old boys still going through puberty
-Deku babas
-those annoying sea horses from sonic 2, oil ocean zone

-Wolf sage, when he's in a mood with me for not feeding the baby
-Bed wetters
-Messy rooms
-Chavs that think they dance
-Zelda dungeon conspiracy theorists
-Old perverted men (unless it's master roshi
-Deku babas
-The colon tileset from Jazz 2, it's way too hard to use
-Stuck up British people
-Deku babas
-People that carry a grudge on 5ever
-Cats that believe themselfs to be better than the human race.
-the fifa craze my country has
-The CoD craze in general
-Too many shooters
-Not enough platformers
-Deku babas
-the cold within this house, I wish it would just get warmer
-some aspects of winter, now all the college girls are wearing thick cloths, no more eyecandy for Dan. :(
-People that don't know anything else about England except London :I
-Water mellons
-Drunk people that don't get the **** out of my way when driving, he had it coming, it's not like anyone will remember him... not after I buried the body anyway, heh heh heh
-Mouse traps
-Bear traps
-Getting my *** kicked in shooters
-Deku babas
-People that don't shower
-People that write long what annoy you lists
-The shizzle on the radio.
-Sunny D
-The ghosts on pacman
-People that smell farts, and poop
-Deku babas
-soccer mums (I don't care that we don't have them here in England, I have to constantly hear about them)
-The new MVC3 victory theme, it just loses it's charm :(
-Some of the mvc3 themes are waaaay too techno for my taste, for instance ryus :I that annoys me
-stuck up women
-Stuck up men
-Deku babas
-Pig straw
-Stuck up cows
-Raw bacon
-Coffe sweets, and anything else coffe related.
-Sonic games trying to focus too much on story.
-Bubsy the bobcat
-deku babas
-Strawman arguments
-Movies snobs
-Old cats that don't know when to leave me alone
-Bio deku babas
-Everything being so focus on facebook
-high heels
-cat boots
and finally deku babas


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
You hate Gohan? :p
So much hate for deku babas... they deserve it.

I hate Mystic gohan more than anything. I thought Gohan was a pretty okay character at the start of the series, I liked seeing him develop from a scaredy cat to a pretty confident warrior. It was interesting since we saw Goku as a confident and outgoing child, his son was quite the opposite. Sadly however when gohan did have the ability to kickass he was too cocky and let cell nearly blow up the planet. Sure he apparently learned his lesson but this made him quite unlikable in my eyes. You can forgive him for piccolos death considering how weak his was compared to nappa and hardly ever fighting. Yet when he becomes mystic gohan he's still toying around and once again he loses his chance at beating the foe.
I think gohan is pretty likable as a kid though. :yes:

To be fair a lot of DBZ characters make badchoices that ANNOY me. Vegeta being the worse to toy around, and act cocky, but that's in his character so you can sort of forgive that. ;p
So yeah there's more details on shizzle that annoys me.


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
-My sisters
-That damn dog in Majora's Mask
-People who reply with a smiley face and only a smiley face
-When Azure hugs people every 5 seconds
-When someone attacks me for my opinion
-When JJ makes a "Your face" joke
-When the SB randomly dies
-Beeping in video games when you're about to die
-Justin Bieber
-Teenage girls who only like people because "She's pretty" or "He's so hot!"
-Girls who giggle when they text their boyfriend
-Pointless tutorials
-When my mom doesn't call me down for dinner
-People who sing along with the radio
-When people talk in class right when the teacher starts talking
-When people say "racist" when you say someone is (insert race here)
-When someone says they are going to beat me up but never do it
-Purple usernames on ZD
-Relationships that last one week
-Marriages that last one month
-People who change their avatar all the time
-My cat meowing at 2 in the morning
-People who think 69 is funny
-Azure advertising
-People that make everything
-People who use the words "gay" and "Jew" to mean stupid
-When people confuse me and when i ask for clarification the say "Never mind"
-Over protective parents/brothers
-Ginger jokes
-Really long post
-When people point out your typos
-When someone is acting depressed and they won't tell you what's wrong
-When someone baits people into arguments
-People who talk to themselves
-When people say the same thing over and over again
-When people say the same joke every 2 seconds
-8th graders
-When people don't let anything go
-Grammar Nazis
-Pointless blogs that get 20 comments
-Wannabe Bullies (people who try to bully you but fail)
-Teacher's pets
-People kissing
-People who freak out when you get a hair cut
-Whenever I get a mohawk and people touch it or ask to touch it
-When my Ipod looses internet connection
-When Dan randomly post pictures of polar bears on my page
-When Pancake is calling people out in this post
-Over confident people
-Strict teachers (except my choir teacher, he's awesome)
-When people keep complaining about me not talking to Amber when I'm obviously not ready
-When people freak out during the holidays
-People who think being a nerd/geek/dork is a bad thing
-Deku Baba haters
-Call of Duty
-Other slang terms that don't make sense
-Gangnam Style
-High heels
-When girls put their hair up
-Xbox Live
-The word n****r
-The word c***
-When people complain about me having too much blogs when they make one every day
-When people steal jokes
-When people say "On the last day of school I'm going to (insert something stupid here)" and never do it
-People who think the world is going to end this month
-Being outside my house
-Stuck up girls

And I think that's it

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