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Things About You That Surprise Others


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Dec 17, 2012
I'm on the heavy side, dress casually, am sometimes a little slackjawed, don't like to make eye contact, and don't hear well with a lot of background noise... so I tend to be regarded as clumsy and dimwitted. This suits me fine. I prefer to be underestimated... literally everything I do from that point is surprising.


Jan 14, 2013
Ente Isla
I honestly can't come up with much of anything on my own. I like to think that I'm open with every aspect of my personality.

I asked my dad, and he said that people can easily be surprised by my intellect. I'm a bit smarter than most kids my age. But I don't think that it's that shocking. I'd think I come across as such automatically. See? That's how I'd naturally word that sentence.

If anything, in MY opinion, people'd be shocked by my age. I look several years younger than I am. I'm the middle child in my family, and am often mistaken for the youngest, even though my little sister is 2 1/2 years younger than me.

People also are surprised to know I'm homeschooled, but that's quickly gotten over.

I'm surprised I came up with a third example, but I have a lot of serious food allergies. People tend to get over that more quickly, tho, despite the fact that it's a LONG list. For your and my sake, I won't list them.

But yeah. That's kinda my list. Not as cool or shocking as some of the others on here.
Feb 23, 2011
Hmm... where do I start...?

5. My ethnicity.

People often question my race. I've literally had people walk up to me and ask "What are you?" or "What country do you hail from?", as if I were an immigrant from a distant land. I have been mistaken to be everything from Mexican to Australian aborigine. So yeah... people are surprised when I tell them that I am mixed race (biracial, half-caste, etc.); one-half Caucasian, one-half Sri Lankan. Funny thing is, most people are baffled as to what Sri Lankan even means.

4. The fact that I have no friends.

This one seemed to even fluster my therapist a few years ago. He and many, many others cannot seem to wrap there fingers around the fact that I prefer to be alone. Introversion is a foreign concept to them. I have had many an argument with my older, tomboyish sister about this, and she nearly tore my face off. One or two friends is the most I'll probably ever get, and that is the limit.

3. The fact that I can go several nights without sleep.

I have mentioned many times that I rarely sleep. I get at least two hours of sleep on average, and I am still able to function at 80%. Despite my saying this at least hundreds of times, I bet most of you think that I might be exaggerating . Whelp, join the club, as most people I know in real life still do not believe me when I tell them this. People are still skeptical even after I've proved it to them. lol

2. The fact that I am multilingual.

I can speak Spanish fluently, intermediate French and Portuguese, and advanced Italian. As these are referred to as the Romance languages, I am also proficient enough in Latin, the language from which the aforementioned languages derived, hence their common classification. It that is not enough, I can also speak intermediate Japanese.

What baffles people most about this is the fact that I was able to learn them so quickly. I have no established method or anything, just advanced memory capabilities. Hell, the only reason that I am not yet fluent in all of these languages is because of chronic procrastination.

1. Synesthesia.

If you don't what this means, it is a neurological condition in which the senses are jumbled about or confused in a manner that strays from a given sense's original function. For example... in my case, my sense of taste (and smell) are triggered by various sounds and words. To further exemplify, the smell of "stinky pig's butt" comes to mind when a hear the "n" sound. Strange, I know... but after 21 years of having to experience this sensation, you get used to it.

0. The fact that I have a robotic personality.

Most people, particularly those on the internet, do not believe that I have a persistent deadpan look on my face at all times. Said look complements my personality, or lack thereof. People often appear extremely annoyed by the fact that I do not react in a manner in which a "normal" person would in response to their jokes or personality quirks. It is especially funny when people go out of their way to invoke a reaction from me; this happens a lot at work. People have also called me weird, and told me that I have the personality of a tree stump.

You guys might think of me as a comedian on the internet or whatever, but as animated - or cruel and heartless - as some of my posts and/or "shouts" might seem, there is hardly any real emotion behind them. I dunno... I think I might be autistic or something, but whatever the case may be, keep in mind I have trouble expressing my emotions.

Listed above is just a small list of possibly hundreds of things about me that surprise people. There are some things that I thought about adding, like the fact that I can't seem to fathom the concept behind kissing, and that I half a twin brother who in many ways appears to be my complete, clichéd opposite... but I thought I'd save those facts for another time...
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
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I'm a female and I love Hockey. Everytime when I say I love Hockey people ask me a girl who loves Hockey?! Well I don't wanna sound stupid but I do know a lot of females who love Hockey as well


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Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
People who don't know me mistake me for a much younger person, and are very surprised to learn what age I really am. They're also surprised if I bother to mention my seizure disorder. I usually don't, but sometimes they'll ask me why I'm taking that pill and what's it for. I tend to be polite, so I tell them. Shock/surprise mixed with dismay, followed by pity and an "I'm sorry to hear that" follows. I hate the pity part. I don't want pity; save it for those who deserve it.


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
A lot of people used to get surprised when they found out I'm teetotal. Not drinking is a strange and unheard of thing in Liverpool and not many people around hear can get their heads around it. I'm joking, of course, but yeah, that used to surprise people.


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Nov 24, 2012
People are surprised when I tell them I have never lived in England and do not have a british accent. People seem to hear one.
For me, it would have to be my age and "rarely" my hearing aids. I had cancer 3 times when I was 15 to 16 or 17(and am in remission) and went through 'adult dosed' chemotherapy and radiation the third time through. Anyway the chemo that I had ended my growth spurts as well as altered my hearing(and eyesight).

If I keep my facial hair(a goatee and mustache) people would think I'm about 18, without it, I would look 15 or 16. As for the hearing, the main group that it seems to get are those that are either deaf, mute or both as well as those that have a relative(son/daughter, brother/sister etc.) that is deaf.


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Jan 16, 2012
Los Angeles
The fact that, despite how skinny people seem to see me, I can eat tons of food on end. Also, how I can guess what someone is about to do (only applies when playing card games)
I am (apparently) shy around new people but once I get to know them, I am apparently wildly energetic and "crazy". Wonder what they mean by that?
I'm very young compared to them, yet I'm significantly taller.
Apr 16, 2010
People in real life are always surprised that I'm really smart. I act stupid all the time, so when people at my school found out I'm ranked #1 in our class they were shocked. :rolleyes:


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Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
people are most surprised when I tell them that i'm not Hispanic lol and that I don't know Spanish at all.
also when they learn that I'm actually a nice person.. apparently I carry my self like I'm ready to jump someone for looking at me funny.. and honestly i am, lol but I don't do it or anything. they also surprised when they find out i was in the navy.. That's to believe for them to but i don't mind that part though because really? how can you just look at a person and know that kind of thing lol.


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May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Well, here goes...

1. I'm not British. Dunno, somehow I come across as British, mainly due to my fanatical devotion to Doctor Who. Fun fact people, it's recent. Cleared up once anyone hears me talk.

2. I'm not NEARLY as angry at the world as I seem. A lot of people at school view me as the angry one, because of a rep for general unhappiness/bad insanity since 7th grade. Those I know know I'm not but they still find a sadistic pleasure in needling me until I snap.

3. I actually care a lot for my friends. As mentioned above, I come across as an angry person, making many assume I don't give a crap about anyone. Lies.

4. I enjoy reading outside of science fiction. I admit it's my favorite genre, but I have found outside gems, like the Inheritance Cycle and Sherlock Holmes.

5. I can actually draw. Ish. I mean, I can do some stuff, but nothing special.

Yeah I'm cutting myself off here...


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Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
A few things many don't know about me:

1) I'm an avid Swing Dancer. I go down to the downtown dance halls every couple of weeks and cut a rug. Also tango (very hard...), waltz, lindy, and blues.

2) I was an improv actor back in my high school days. Doesn't surprise people as much as #1, but still throws them for a loop.

3) I play guitar. People are ALWAYS surprised to hear me say that. I don't know why. When I tell them I can sing, they nearly keel over. Its rather silly, really...

Those are the main ones, I suppose.

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