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WW-Wii U Teleportation Cauldron

Do you think Nintendo should use the teleportaion cauldrons in later games?

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One of the Sheikah
May 1, 2012
They should definitly have something like this in future games
even better if it's like Ooccoo where the creature or item lets you transport back to the room you had been in when you exited
...though I hope it, whatever it is, isn't as creepy looking as Ooccoo and Ooccoo jr...


The Rational Theist
Apr 4, 2012
I liked what they did with Ooccoo in Twilight Princess better, but I hated her character. They need to develop something similar without the annoyingness of her. I've only used the feature once or twice in all the times I played it, but it is useful when you need it.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
The teleporting cauldrons were a nice touch to the Dungeons.
They fit the theme of the dungeons nicely.

In general I think It is a good Idea to give players a method for traversing the world/ dungeons quickly.
In dungeons a way to quickly get back to where you left off is Nice no matter the method.


The Notorious M.O.P.
Mar 8, 2012
I liked the Transport Pots. There might be better way to transport out of dungeons, such as Ooccoo from Twilight Princess, but the Pots in TWW are easier to transport around different parts of the dungeon. I hope I will see something similar to this in later Zelda games.
Jan 20, 2012
I loved them! They made it so much less tedious when you mess up or shut the game off. Imagine how much simpler the water temple from ocarina of time would have been with those babies.
Nov 30, 2011
I liked the transportation from the cauldrons, but I'd like to see something different next time. The cauldrons worked well in Wind Waker, but I prefer Farore's Wind more. However, I won't mind as long as there is some way to transport through the dungeons. I liked Skyward Sword's bird statues too. Nintendo should improve on that idea to make it more like Wind Waker's pots, but still act as a save system.
May 21, 2012
I like the teleportation system in Zelda games because if you are in the middle of the dungon and ran out of supplies, or want to save your game. When you are restocked with supplies, or continue the game later, then the teleportation system will save you a lot of time.

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