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A Link to the Past Stop Praying!!!!

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Jun 14, 2010
Not in the SB ;-;
Okay so im playing ALttP, everything is cool until i get to the part when Link makes a wish to move some stone, Ive played before with the same cartridge and i dont know why when he kneels that annoying music never stops:mellow:. I could kill myself cause i try to turn it off, but nothing happens:O i get the game out nothing happens:mad:. WhaT Iam SuPpOseD tO Do now:cry:
Check to make sure that the readable part of the cartridge is clean and not scratched. I believe they sell special cleaning kits for it, but when my games freeze, a simple blow to it and a few gentle wipes with my nail along the bottom edge usually does the trick. I am sorry your game is freezing; have you considered starting over in a different file, since the Desert Palace is only the second dungeon? Maybe it is just the first file having some error reading--in other words, it could be corrupt.
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