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Share a Memory


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Jul 5, 2017
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Sometimes a random thing can trigger a memory.

Today at work someone was wearing a flowery perfume which immediately reminded me of my childhood. My first grade teacher always wore a nice perfume and she made my first year in elementary school very fun and comfortable. Mrs. Lucas you are amazing!

What about you guys? Feel free to share memories as they come to mind, good or bad. :)

Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
My earliest memory is waking up and finding my best friend coloring in the kitchen. I think we were like 3 or 4 at the time. I don't remember much after that but I figure she must have been dropped off early cuz her parents both worked.
I heard a saying once "The past will often attack the present with the pain of your memories", I feel like for me personally this is very true.

I remember my uni life a lot and how much I enjoyed it. Even though they're happy memories they make me sad that they're locked in the past and that my life will likely never hit those happy highs again.

However, a good memory I have of it was when my lecturer read out an excerpt from my essay because he felt it was the best written... My class had someone who was a professional journalist and semi professional novelist and my essay was read out instead of his.

It made me feel good.


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Jan 22, 2016
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Hmmmm.... I have a lot of memories, funny ones, sad ones, embarrassing ones, some very much not family friendly.

Kinda hard to pick just one.

I'll go with an embarrassing one. Happened when I used to skateboard.

Both my cousin and I were at the local skate park, and we were doing tricks off of a waist high ledge.

Well, we were both doing heelflips, and the thing that sucks about the heelflip, is that if your heel stays in contact with the board too long, instead of spinning like normal, it can cause the board to flip up.

Well, there was this cute girl around my age who was crushing on me hard, because when it got too hot, I would skate in a tank top or shirtless, and being a 14 year old kid, I was bulking up, so I didn't look wiry anymore.

Well, it was my turn, I heelflipped off of this ledge, and my heel stayed in contact with the board too long, causing the board to flip up, and I landed right on my you-know-whats.

Well, this was long before I learned that the best way to handle a hit to the groin if you're a dude, is look up and bounce up and down, so I was just on the ground, writhing in pain in front of the girl I liked.

She initially thought it was funny, until she noticed I wasn't getting up, and comforted me. Mind you this was summer, and she used to come to the skate park after she got done swimming.

So, I guess it wasn't totally embarrassing, getting a hug from the girl you liked in a bikini as a 14 year old was cool, but that was still my gnarliest skateboarding biff, and I've had some gnarly ones.


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Apr 7, 2019
I'll hit hard with the happiest memory I have - when I discovered I could make my own games. I was in my early 20's, when my teenage years were over and my interest in video games had resurfaced. Just one summer day I had the idea - is it really that hard to make games? I googled "making your own games" and an ad for the Unity Engine came up. It was free, so I downloaded it. When I had, after some hours, made my first 3D demo with a ball and a flat surface, and I pressed forward and the ball moved .. I let go of the button and the ball stopped .. the feeling is just flat out indescribable. What followed was a full 60 or so ours of intense coding where I slowly learned about javascript and animation, I just couldn't sleep because I was so damn fired up. When I finally collapsed, I remember so vividly waking up. I just jumped up, screaming 'YEEEEEESS!' and went to do another straight 20 hours of coding until I had made my very first game. I'll never ever forget it.


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One time when my sister and I were kids, my dad trolled my sister about the definition of infinity. We were at some restaurant that had those paper table cloths so kids could draw on them or whatever and my sister was literally drawing a googolplex around the perimeter of the table. With every zero she added, she'd like look up at him and be like "how about now?" and my dad would just say smugly, "one greater" each time, and my sister was so determined to reach infinity. Meanwhile I was eating bread.


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Nov 28, 2019
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One time my cousin let me play MM on his 3ds. I was really young at the time, like 6 to 8.

I was playing, and then I got to this snow area, with a cabin up on a hill, and redeads were by it. Well, I think they were redeads, anyway. They were some kind of zombie looking thing.

Those redeads freaked me out so much when I saw them, I just turned and ran back the other way lol. I think I gave the game back to my game shortly after.


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Jan 19, 2018
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in the past i sometimes dug holes into the snow and then went into them

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