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General Art Rise of the Dragir

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Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Alright, so what I have in mind doing is posting the original ROTD story...but with a new cast using submitted characters for the book that I am writing. So why am I doing this? For a few reasons, really.

1. I want to reach out to new peeps who were not around when I wrote this tale and give them all a chance to read it.
2. For those of you who are expecting to read the new story, this will give you a chance to compare them when you do read it. You - by reading - will judge/compare the two and notice the many differences.
3. Just so I can have something to post and help ZD grow. ;)
4. For true readers who come here and like to read. :P
5. And finally, because I am thinking about giving publishing a go with this original tale. I don't wanna have to wait till I finish writing out ROTD and then the other story that comes after that. I hope I make sense. In other words, I have mostly replaced the cast and have gone over the story and corrected the mistakes, but have also added new content--this so I can give publishing a go in mere days.

So enjoy, follow along because I guarantee a good time. :P I will be updating as soon as I get the chapters ready.

Characters who have replaced old characters that you will get to see in this updated story are the following:

Atsuma Zeledon--Artemys Titanium
Master Brute--Mistress Vee Englehart
Enedina Wolfhaff--Aisling Kurtich
Yosh Nataku--Lazarus Ryu
Janine Eilowen--Ashie Kazicane
Kate Manthys--Saskia Zeeron
Gen Hui--Caithyln Lampica
Lexi Xinn--Magatha Stargleam
Hazel Akinon--Abigale O'connor
Axle Kimera--Tyrus Sullivan
Omega Blaster--Ddraigh Afon
Daphnes Nohansen--Locke Cole
Yara--Althea Angelides
Oleg Obleg--Zordo Danascus

*And others who are yet to appear*

Rated PG-13, but really, I consider this story to be rated G.


Part 1: Summoned to Represent

The sun was hidden from view because of the many crowded, puffy clouds that were covering the sky that afternoon. The wind blew lightly but carried a hint of a fast approaching winter with it. A fine day in Dragiria as any that the southern realm had had through out the first seven months of the year.

Huddled within the remains of ancient ruins, a group of dragir awaited the arrival of their instructor, who had summoned them all out there for a reason still unbeknownst to them.

"Do you know why we have been summoned here?" a young beautiful dragir seemed to be asking the entire squad one at a time.

Artemys Titanium noticed her actions from where he stood reclined against a stony wall that still stood erect from those old ruins, which were located a few miles to the west of Crystal City. Those ruins were known as Arphen Ruins and had been the first city that the dragir had erected and resided in for centuries. That place now remained as nothing more than memories, for the ten thousand or so Dragir members now resided within their heavily structured and magically-sealed crystallized city.

Artemys 's arms were crossed over his chest, not because the slight chill reached into the ruins at times, but because he had been tired of standing with his arms hanging low. The dragir was dressed in an entire black outfit composed of pants, shirt, and boots. His hair was short, fell in bangs off to the sides, and his skin was a light tan. He had a noble stare, his eyes being as brown as his own hair. At his hips hung his precious weapons. A beautiful sword with a red jewel of sorts on the pommel was within a radiant, silvery scabbard to his left hip, while on the right side hung two daggers within small holsters and a satchel where he kept useful items.

Artemys, judging from what he had seen of the female mage, knew that she was just as nervous as he was and was just trying to find out why they had all been summoned there. It was unusual for a wizard to feel that way, -nervous- for they were usually calm and very collected. Mages, to Artemys’s beliefs, packed a heavy punch with all their magical knowledge. The dragir was not fooled at her size, he knew that she was just a scholar at the moment, a low-ranked student within the academy, but even a scholar such as she knew magic that could kill him in a snap of fingers.

Two other mages who had been summoned out to the ruins seemed perfectly calm at their places, Ao noticed. They both sat with their backs against another wall, which was smaller and partly destroyed. They seemed to be sharing a conversation and paid the rest of the dragirs no mind. They carried flasks and satchels on their waist belts and wore their mage robes loose. Artemys knew that they probably had covered themselves with some sort of protective enchantment that would keep the cold at bay. One of them wore glasses and had short, dark hair. The other one was a young female who had medium-length purplish hair and eerie-looking white eyes. Those colored eyes were strange for a dragir, who usually had brown, green, or blue eyes. Artemys kept on looking at them and noticed that the male mage was a dark element dragir, while the female seemed to be the total opposite of that: A holy-type dragir. Artemys was of the fire element. He was known to all Dragirian residents as a red. The dragon scales that partially covered random parts of his body were of a blood-red color with a black outline. Reds were the most feared Dragir in all Dragiria, they would become a real threat when angered and were very hard to kill.

Artemys, who was just a warrior highly skilled with weapons and an expert in the arts of hand to hand combat, was just regarded as a low-ranked dragir, nothing much compared to a mage, but they were still feared. Sure, he could do his killing, too, if it came to that, but magic was where the fun and the real power was at.

Artemys’s father had been a warrior also. He had fallen in the field of battle sixty years ago, just like the rest of their family line had been falling as the years had gone by. Artemys had entered the academy fifty years ago and had enlisted as a warrior, not a mage, even though he’d surely had the capability to become a great mage in time. He had enlisted as a warrior mostly to honor his fallen family, who had all been experts in the usage of weapons rather than magic. Artemys – who was a member of a race blessed with long life - was 205 years old. He was well known in the Warrior's Academy for being a brave fighter and an expert in the use of the blade and the dagger. Artemys could also maneuver well using heavier weapons like Axes and Lances, and even a shield, but the young dragir preferred agility over power. Many dragir who attended the academy along with him believed that he preferred that style because of his small size. Artemys was scrawny but also buff-looking in his own way.

The young warrior glanced down to the ground when he noticed that the dragir female was now coming his way. When she stood directly in front of him, Artemys did not raise his head to acknowledge her presence, rather he just continued to stare down, but his eyes noticing the beautiful, white silky robe that she wore. She also emitted some wonderful smell similar to that of a recently cut rose.

Who could she be? Artemys wondered then.

"Excuse me," the mage said, causing him to look up at her face and forget about his silent question, which had crossed his mind just moments ago. Artemys could not ignore her now, she had asked for his attention in a polite way, so the young dragir warrior had no choice but to stare her way.

"Yes?" he asked her, keeping his tough-looking posture and a polite smile.

Her blue eyes locked with his own, and she offered him a light smile. Artemys smiled back and waited for her to talk. He noticed then that she was a thunder dragir, one of those who could shock any being simply by touching them. Her scales were sort of bluish and yellow with a hint of gray as an outline. Her hair was long and of a bright, blonde color. Her horns were smaller than Artemys ’s own, but they were like in color; dark.

So that is why she wears dark gloves, Artemys considered that as he glanced at her hands, which were covered with dark gloves.

"Would you by any chance know why Mistress Vee has summoned us here?"

Artemys shook his head right away, keeping his stare on her beautiful face. Her eyes were small and dreamy, and her skin was light tanned, just like Artemys ’s own but seeming more delicate.

"I don't know anything,” Artemys told her. “I was pulled from my training and was told to come here. I, too, want to know what is going on, but all I can do is wait. Mistress Vee will surely come and let us know. Or someone else if not her."

The dragir female closed her eyes and shook her head as if she was disappointed with the response. She sighed, then she leaned against the wall next to Artemys 's left. She stared down and noticed the silvery scabbard and the hilt of the weapon that the dragir carried on that side of his hip. She was very surprised at seeing the beautiful jewel on the pommel of the sword, but she wasn’t so surprised of its owner, who was simply a warrior, a sword fighter from what she was able to tell. But he was a mighty red, and that alone made her take a step farther to the left, as if in caution. Keeping her stare on the hilt of his blade, she slid down the wall and sat on the ground of the ruined place, choosing to forget about the dragir warrior and the whole dilemma that had been eating her from the inside ever since she had been told to come out to the ruins.

Artemys stared at her as she slid down and kept a smile to himself. He noticed that she crossed her arms and positioned them around her knees, which she had sticking up. She then sighed heavily, as if she was frustrated or tired.

Artemys turned his attention back to the rest of the clique. Ten dragir, himself included, had been summoned there. Seven were females and only three were males. Three were mages and five were warriors. The other two were archers. Artemys began to wonder again why they had indeed been summoned there, and he couldn’t help but slide slowly down, just like the beautiful thunder dragir had done so earlier. She stared at him as he did, and Artemys offered her a light, shy smile.

“My legs were sort of tired from standing,” he explained. “I’ve been standing here like for an hour now. I was the first to arrive, see?”

“Right,” the mage responded, then turned her attention the other way. Artemys simply nodded at that, uncaring, and then glanced back to the rest of the pack. He heard a female’s shout then.

“Oh, here she comes now!”

He quickly stood up, as did the female dragir to his side. Artemys moved out and headed to where the rest of the pack was gathering, the young female dragir followed quickly behind him, though Artemys did not notice her, for he was too concerned with the arrival of mistress Vee and two other figures, who were dressed in white robes and fully concealed from the head to the toes.

“Gather around, gather around,” Mistress Vee spoke to them as she was just arriving. She was kind of tall for a female dragir at five-ten. She had pale skin, had a horn broken in half, and a kind smile always seemed to reflect on her beautiful face. Mistress Vee, who was one of several instructors at the academy, was dressed in fine mail and hardened, silver plates, with a red, royal cape dropping to her waist at the back. She was it! She was the best trainer at the academy. But not only that, she was the top boss in the Academy. Artemys knew her too well, and he looked up to her, admire her quite a lot, just like many other young dragir did. Mistress Vee was also an expert in magic, and she was one of few dragir who had the privilege and honor to sit at the Daelden’s honor table.

But who were the other two? Artemys wondered, his eyes falling on the mysterious beings as he kept on going towards the rest of the group.

Artemys gathered around the rest of the bunch, keeping his attention focused on the two robed figures. As he got to his place, he came very close to another female dragir and bumped her roughly on the shoulder, for he had been intently staring at the robed figures that he hadn’t paid much attention to his surroundings. The female dragir, who happened to be carrying a magnifying glass on her left hand and a white sack on the other, dropped the sack due to the rough bump. She turned on the fool and gave him a hard stare as she bent low to retrieve her belongings from the ground.

“Watch where you go,” she said, although not menacingly. Artemys regarded her, becoming aware that she wore glasses.

“Alright, I am sorry, I was distracted,” Artemys was quick to apologize to her. The dragir even attempted to help her up, but she was already rising from the ground. Artemys offered her light smile. He noticed that she had yellowy scales covering part of her face. She was an Earth dragir, or a yellow. Yellow scaled dragir were kind in spirit and behavior.

“Don’t let it happen again, alright?” She bade him, her tone full of sympathy. “Just watch your step next time and you will be fine.”

Then, without saying nothing more, she turned to face the front.

“Alright,” Artemys said, then he turned to the front as well, for mistress Vee was calling for their attention once more.

Artemys settled down and paid attention.

“Alright, listen up, and listen well. You all are probably wondering why you have been summoned out here. You are here because you were hand picked by me,” Vee assured, staring at the young dragirs one at a time. “You ten are the best fighters that the academy has produced up to this point. The time to show your worth has come. Every dragir who I think has a chance of making it big in our realm gets this kind of opportunity. It is a once in a lifetime deal, if I must say. Why is this?”

She stared at them and knew that she had their full attention. She started to pace back and forth in front of them, keeping her hands behind her back.

“I will tell you why, young ones. Because the realm is always in the need of new heroes. Our war with the sleechurs goes sour in the east. Lady Medusa’s kin are pressuring us heavily. To make matters worse, Shadow’s furrion folk have decided to form an alliance with them. You might have heard the rumors, or maybe you haven’t at all, for we dragir don’t usually spread rumors. The furrion armies are coming strong from the west, not only against us, but also against the good people of Phyd. We expect them to hit our shores in a week or so. As to the phydians…Well, they don’t know nothing of all this, of course, their Phydian eyes cannot see beyond magical curtains. To Phyd and its people all that exists is them, their precious little world, and those who inhabit it. King Locke Cole knows not that war is upon them. When he does realize it, it will be too late. He and his people don’t know that we Dragir exist, nor does he know about the Sleechurs, nor the Furrion, nor the faeries, nor do they know anything of our centuries of conflicts. Their ignorance was bliss, until now...

Our enemies have taken another approach in our war. They know how we have protected the phydians as if they were our own kin, and so the sleechurs and furrion folk have allied themselves in an attempt to exterminate them and us. The enemy is astute, and so forcing us to divide our forces here and there, will surely weaken us.

The fairy realm has fallen in the south. The furrions invaded it and have forced the fairies to flee to Phyd. The fairies arrived there unseen, but will surely be crushed nonetheless if we are as well.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so that is why we are all here reunited today.”

Artemys felt nervous just by having heard all that. No, he felt a little scared too, and he felt sorry for the fairies and the phydians, creatures that he had not laid eyes upon before but had heard a great deal about in the academy history class.

He sucked in a deep breath and listened on, fearing for his realm and those others that Mistress Vee had mentioned. If he had been summoned here to be assigned some sort of mission, be it desperate or not, he was ready to obey and take it on.

“These kind beings you see standing before you and to my left, you have never seen before. And you surely won’t see more than you are right now, I am afraid. All you need to know is that the Amura, sages of old, are ready to lend their aid to the cause. Few of them remain. They are the fountain of all magic, it is because of them that magic came to exist. If the Amura are extinguished, all magic ceases to exist. The two Amura that you see before you, are here to stay. They have become our allies. We have pledged our allegiance to them. Five of you will go with one, while the rest of you will go with the other. They will guide you where you must go and let you know what you must do. Now, when I call your name, you move and position yourself to wherever side I point to. You bow to the Amura, do not be disrespectful by showing your back to them. If you do, you will surely die by my blade here today.”

Artemys swallowed hard and trembled at that, so did the other nine young dragir who stood around him, some even glanced at each other in confusion and fear.

At that instant, one of the Amura moved to Master Vee’s right side. The other remained standing where it stood. Artemys glanced at it, glanced at the veil that seemed to cover the Amura’s face. He cowered right away and lowered his stare, believing that the Amura had been intently eyeing him. He was right in his assessment.

“Ddraigh of house Afon, to my right,” Mistress Vee spoke then, her hand stretched out as she signaled to the right. A lengthy dragir who had dark, spiky hair shifted uncomfortably and then moved to stand before the Amura, bowed, then went to stand off to the side. Artemys could tell how nervous the dragir was, but he was probably more nervous than that warrior.

“Artemys of house Titanium,” Mistress Vee’s voice came calling, but Artemys did not hear it. He was lost staring at that black haired dragir, who reminded him so much of his father.

The dragir bunch glanced at each other as if trying to figure out which of them was Artemys.

“Artemys of house Titanium, to my left!” Mistress Vee rose her voice but kept it in a calm manner. Artemys trembled and snapped out of it.

“Oh,” he uttered, nervously. “That’d be me.”

Mistress Vee and the rest that were gathered there noticed his nervousness. A short, white haired female dragir blurted out giggling to his left, and Artemys headed to stand before the other Amura, the one to the left and the one that he had believed had been staring at him from behind the veil. He slightly nodded at the Amura, bowed, then stood to the side, his eyes meeting those dark ones of Ddraigh of house Afon. The six-foot-five-inch tall dragir sort of nodded at him.

“Aisling of house Kurtich! To my right.” Mistress Vee spoke louder. A beautiful black haired dragir headed to stand briefly before the Amura, bowed at the kind being, then went to stand next to Ddraigh. She was one of the archers.

“Lazarus of house Ryu!”

The dragir who wore glasses headed to the left, bowed at the Amura, and then proceeded to stand next to the last remaining member of House Titanium. Artemys paid him no mind, though.

“Ashie of house Kazicane!”

The short, white-haired dragir was quick to head to Mistress Vee’s right side, bowed at the Amura, and then stood off to the side of Aisling Kurtich.

“Saskia of house Zeeron!”

The female dragir that Artemys had bumped earlier proceeded to go to the left, performed the bowing routine to the Amura, and then stood next to Lazarus. Artemys turned his head to his left and looked past Lazarus to stare at Saskia, who had intrigued him a bit. One thing that Artemys had noticed on her was that she carried a very short, weird-looking sword at her left side hip, but the sword was so short that it resembled a dagger. That’s what had interested Artemys about her, for she appeared to be carrying just that weapon with her. Saskia noticed the dragir's eyes on her, so she turned and stared at him, giving him a raise of her eyebrows and a kind smile. Artemys smiled and then straightened when he heard mistress Vee's cough.

“Caithyln of house Lampica!" the mistress went on. "To my right.”

The purple-haired dragir headed to the right and did the usual routine of bowing and then standing off to the side. She was the mage that Atsuma had seen earlier, the one sitting next to Lazarus.

“Magatha of house Stargleam. To my left!”

Artemys observed as the small-sized thunder dragon that he had met earlier moved to the left enthusiastically. She bowed at the Amura, turned halfway around and stepped on Artemys ’s toe deliberately and stared at him briefly before proceeding to walk to the side, her back not showing to the Amura, rather her left side.

Artemys wondered why the dragir had stepped on him. Had it been by mistake as she had turned? Did she hate him or something for being a red? Many dragirs were not too kind to reds, so the young dragir believed that was probably it.

“Abigale of house O’connor!” Mistress Vee shouted.

A red haired dragir who carried a long bow at her back moved to the right, her hazel eyes shining beautifully as she headed to bow to the Amura. She was also a red like himself, Artemys noted as the archer moved away to stand next to the white haired dragir, who appeared to be the youngest of the bunch.

“Tyrus of house Sullivan!” Mistress Vee called.

Another lengthy, black haired dragir moved to the left, bowing quickly at the Amura and then moving sideways to stand at the end. He was carrying a dark, green hilted sword. Artemys, who was a lover of blades, couldn’t have looked more amazed that time.

Mistress Vee and the two Amura came close to each other then, as if huddling for a meeting. Every dragir saw as they interchanged undecipherable words.

Moments later, Mistress Vee turned and informed them all, “The Amura have agreed to leave immediately. They believe time is of the essence and I assure you that it is. They will provide you with all the details you will need to know and I expect you to obey. If all goes well, young ones, very soon you will all be back here, the war would have come to an abrupt end and peace will reign instead of chaos. Good luck!”

*End of Part 1*

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Great story Ats :D I love it. I like the sorting part :P

I hope you like the rest of it as well. ;)

This story is fairly short, just 9 chapters, so it will be over before you peeps know it. Some chapters are a bit longer than others, so just follow along at your own pace. I will update with a full chapter when I do, or with two if I can help it. :P

And...another guest character has joined the cast. Hope you can make him/her out. :P

Part 2: Hel's Gates

Same Afternoon, 2:45 PM, different place

If two words could describe the Sleechurs's home it would be Dark Jungle. The half human-half serpent people resided in a large portion of land known as Slyria. That huge island was located to the north, just seventy nine kilometers off the coast of the Dragirian realm, which was also a large island in the form of a dragon wing.

The sleechur realm had a craggy mountain range surrounding the entire island. Those mountains were dark in appearance and had their pointy ends capped with remains of snow. The realm also had many large lakes in the middle and had many swamps, too many in fact that the island also had a wide variety of other monsters lurking underneath those swamps and lakes. Those monstrosities, the sleechurs had been able to dominate through time's advancement and now used them as servants, soldiers or war beasts.

The entire realm was also crammed with dense brush, trees and pine trees, a real spooky jungle to behold and surely a death-wish for strangers.

The sleechurs hated the dragir to the extent of the word. They were ancient nemesis, at one point having been friendly with each other. But something had happened long ago that had made all races turn against each other in hate. It was believed that a goddess had descended down from the heavens and had turned many things into evil beings. This goddess now resided deep in the subterranean caves of Slyria. Medusa was the name given to her by the ancient Ylians, the world’s first residents. She had more than just sleechurs at her command.

She watched in total silence as a scene with her own generals developed within a magical window that she had enacted a half hour ago.


"How goes the battle with the dragir in the middle sea?" a high general sleechur spoke inside a cave-like subterranean room. This room smelt like sulfur, and the walls showed patches of blood-red root-like veins and seemed to be alive. The squared table in the middle was just a big mound of dirt that had been molded into the form of a table long ago. On top of it were set several weapons and a fat candle that lit the room as if it was daylight.

Five other top ranked sleechurs were inside the room and around the mound, two of those being females. They answered only to the high general, which had spoken. The sleechurs were long and slender. Their lower torso was snake-like, ending in a pointy tail. Their upper torso, which was human-like, was covered with battle plates of assorted material. Those generals wore the finest of armor, made out of Orihalcon, a unique material that only gave itself in that realm. It was rumored among the sleechurs that the Orihalcon was the material that gods used for their armors and whatnot, thus they believed Lady Medusa's arrival to the earth had brought it along. Not that they cared too much for it, but the material was what was helping the sleechurs win the war against the tough dragir.

Stronger weapons and stronger armor were made out of it, and so the finest fighters of the serpent clan wore them. Once a portion of the Orihalcon was used from its source, the material would grow back but it would take months, even years. The growing process was slow and so not every sleechur wore armor or held weapons made out of it.

"We have pushed them back, our sea troops have managed to win good victories at sea, Master Orcon." a sleechur replied from his place. "But our losses were many, those damned dragir put up good fights."

"That matters not," the top general spoke. He was known as Dharas Orcon and was the high general of Slyria. He only answered to Lady Medusa herself. He had short, disheveled, dark hair, and green eyes.

"Very good. There is nothing to fear, colleagues. The whole war against those damned horned devils will only get better. Our Lady has managed to secure an alliance with Lord Shadow and his furrion clans, so the tide will turn in our favor."

The sleechur slid around the room, as if pacing. "Troops have already been dispatched to wage war against the phydians to the south. Soon the dragir will have to split their main forces and attempt to salvage those pitiful beings. Helga!"

"Yes, Master Orcon?" asked a beautiful black haired sleechur.

"You will move your troops to the south and begin the invasion of Phyd from their northern beaches. Lady Medusa has told me that the furrions will assault the continent from the west and south, so you will be okay by yourself. I'd send Kureeka along to help but she and her forces will be needed in the invasion of dragiria, which we plan to launch soon."

The other female sleechur, - Kureeka - who was completely bald, yet retained her female beauty, smiled devilishly and glanced down at the table, where her fierce double-edge blade sat.

Helga nodded, eager to get underway and begin the assault upon Phyd.

"Do not destroy every living creature there," Dharas Orcon was quick to warn with a stern voice. "Lady Medusa has requested that many be left to be used as slaves."

Helga nodded and her lower lip curled in a smile, understanding the orders well.

"As to the rest of you," Dharas went on, observing them as he did. "Order all major divisions to head out to Hel's Gate. We will launch a severe attack against those scaly creatures in a few days. Preparations must be made beforehand, so move all troops out."

Hel's Gate was an area located on the south west parts of Slyria, the only accessible point into the island and where many sleechur garrisons had been built over the passage of time in order to defend it.

The dragir had made many attempts in the past to invade the sleechurs's home through that area but were denied on all occasions. That spot had been the sight of many bloody battles over the centuries. No dragir had ever set foot further in.

The other generals nodded at their high general. Soon, Dharas Orcon ended the meeting and watched as his colleagues slid out of the chamber, leaving him alone. He smiled in satisfaction, knowing that the time to rule the land was fast approaching.


"Well done, Dharas," Medusa dismissed the window, smiling proudly at how well her high general had handled himself.

*End of Chapter 2*

Part 3: The Newborn

Same Day, 3:00 PM, Phyd Castle

"Blue eyes, blonde hair, and as beautiful as her mother," King Locke Cole seemed on the verge of crying. He held in his strong arms a newborn infant that belonged to his daughter, who had just recently given birth to it.

"Cuchi-coo," the king teased the newborn and touched her small nose with his index finger. The infant just cried the louder.

"Aw, but you are a pretty one, aren’t ya?" he kept on speaking to the baby, who seemed to be a wonder to his eyes. "A crying lass just like your own momma when she was born."

"Father," King Locke's daughter spoke from the bed where she laid, her appearance being that of a very tired and ill woman. Her hair was blonde and very short, and though she seemed ill and tired, her sick appearance took nothing away from her natural born beauty. She was covered by a cozy, white blanket up to the neck. "Can I hold my daughter again?"

The king spun about, nodding as he glanced at his daughter. He was dressed in royal red and white clothing, and he wore a golden crown on top of his head. He was buff and strong-looking, and his hair was short-cropped, of a blonde color. His skin was a soft tan and his eyes were as blue as the sky.

The king headed toward the side of the bed and handed his daughter the baby with care. He then stood watching his daughter as she delighted herself caressing her own daughter's face. The king smiled tenderly and felt his heart vibrate with emotion. His daughter's newborn had not been a boy, but rather had been a beautiful girl, and he was proud of that. King Locke grabbed the golden amulet that hung from his neck from a golden chain and caressed it. He always did that when he found himself lost in a reverie of thoughts or when he felt nervous.

"For a future ruler she will do," he heard himself saying lowly but loud enough for his daughter to hear. The child, now comforted in her mother's arms, was quiet and still. "Annabeth, daughter of Lady Cleo and Aramus Jenkins, and first granddaughter to King Locke Cole Phyd. The only heir to the throne. I like it!"

All of a sudden, several heavy knocks came at the wooden door of the room, startling the King and his daughter, though not the infant.

The king turned around to face the door and shouted calmly, "Yes? Who is it?"

"My King," came a male's reply from behind the door. "I have important news to relay to you."

"How important, Thar?" the king responded without moving an inch and without taking his stare away from the door. "I thought I said we were not to be disturbed!"

"Y...yes, my King, I know that..." came the nervous reply. "But...I am afraid it is very urgent...”

“How urgent?” king Cole’s eyes glanced at the egg-white colored walls of the room.

“P-pirates...have been sighted to the north, many ships, my liege!"

At that, the king tensed a bit and turned to glance at his daughter, who was already staring at him, her face showing a bit of fear.

"I told you they'd come," her voice sounded fearful then, and she swallowed hard. "Pirates don't forget and they surely don't forgive. It's been the pirate code since piracy came to be. They will not go away until they see me dead, father."

"Assemble the army, all major divisions!" Locke Cole shouted so his personal messenger could hear his words well, the king ignoring his daughter's words.

"Y-yes, sire! I will be waiting downstairs in the main hall!"

The king heard the messenger leaving, the heavy mail clashing on the mosaic, white floor.

The king then rushed toward the bed and told his daughter as he leaned to plant a kiss on her forehead.

"Everything will be fine, Cleo, I promise. No pirate will ever be allowed to reach you. I think it is about time that I did something about this whole pirate issue."

The king then leaned and gave the newborn a kiss on its forehead as well.

"Father,” cried lady Cleo, almost rising up, except that the king used his hands to detain her from doing that.

“Stay in bed, Cleo,” said the king. “It’s been but two days since you brought this child to the world, the doctor said that you should rest.”

“But I am fine. I want to help! It is because of my actions that all this is happening. If I hadn’t--"

"Don't be foolish, dear,” the king was quick to say. “You did nothing wrong by dropping out of that dishonorable life. You are in no condition to help out there, so stay here. Just repose, watch over your baby, I shall return briefly."

He then spun around and headed immediately for the door.

*End of Chapter 3*


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Both were very good! I loved how you showed the side of the archnemesises and added already in some of their characters. I also loved the pirate part in chapter two. Making it all very excited to read. Well done Ats!


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Nice. I read through about chapter 4 of the original and I noticed some of those changes you mentioned, and they work really well. I did notice a couple of issues though:

A fine day in Dragiria as any that the southern realm had had through out the first seven months of the year.

This isn't a full sentence, it's just a subject. What you could do to fix it is either add "it was" or link it to the previous sentence, with something like "hinting" or a semicolon.

Artemys could tell how nervous the dragir was, but he was probably more nervous than that warrior.

This is just kind of akwardly phrased. It would make more sense to just say "more nervous then him."

If all goes well, young ones, very soon you will all be back here, the war would have come to an abrupt end and peace will reign instead of chaos. Good luck!”

That would should be a will.

Make sure you consistently capitalise the names of the races, there were a couple of times you said "phydian" and others you said "Phydian."

I could've sworn I saw a double negative, but now I can't find it...

Sorry if I'm too critical, I just really like editing. xD Great story. I hope your first swing at publishing goes well.

EBWODP: found the double negative:

As to the phydians…Well, they don’t know nothing of all this, of course,

That should be "anything." and:

Medusa dismissed the window

This makes it sound like she's allowing the window to leave. I get your meaning but it's really really akward phrasing.

*M i d n a*

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Thanks for reading, you all. :) Now here is part 4.

Part 4: The Gifts

Fairy Island, SW of Phyd, 3:45 PM

The two Amura had created magical portals using their index fingers to design them in empty space. Through those light blue-glowing portals, the two groups had instantly traveled to two different locations.

When group A had stepped out from the portal, Artemys felt glad, for the magical trip had made him feel weak, dizzy, and very nauseous. The Amura had warned them all about that prior to the dragir entering the portals, though, and so everyone - save for the Amura - found themselves coughing, vomiting, and whatnot when they stepped out of the portal. When Artemys composed himself enough, a hand on his chest, he glanced around the place thoroughly with an investigative look, just like the rest of his four kin were doing.

The group had made it to some sort of old temple from the looks of it. It felt refreshingly cool there. The walls were not that high and were made of heavy-looking grayish blocks, but the Amura race had carved intricate designs on the walls, making the place look like an art gallery display. The images’ outline on the walls glowed of a yellowy color, making the walls feel as if they were alive with magical energy. They were.

The ceiling was made also of block but had been magically altered to resemble a night sky filled with stars and small lights. The floor was also made out of thick, heavy blocks but just like the walls, had large images glowing on it, one which Artemys noticed was a large render of a being with wings. Many smaller winged beings were around it and seemed to be offering objects or items at it.

There were also many statues of different kinds neatly placed against the corners of the walls, and there was also an altar for worshiping at one of those walls. At both sides of that altar were two door-less entrances that just seemed to glow of a bluish light, kind of like the portals that had brought them there, except that those entrances showed many symbols on it.

Artemys 's interest fell on the statues, though. They represented beings of assorted kinds. Some of these had wings, some had horns or tails, or both, and some held weapons or other weird objects that Artemys had never seen before.

Artemys, feeling better now, took a deep breath to steady himself. The place seemed too quiet but gave him an assuring feeling that everything was alright, that everything was happiness there.

The Amura closed the portal then spoke in its language. The five dragir were able to understand it perfectly, for they heard what it had said in their own language, though she had spoken it not.

"This was one of the fairies home," it had said. "Until recently. The fairies resided here and outside as well. There are many forests where most of their kin resided, but without warning, a contingency of Furrion were able to drive them out. Those Furrions have left the island at their master's call, for they have other plans now."

Artemys heard it all as he kept his eyes on the robed figure. The voice he had heard sounded soothing and female-like in tone.

"You have been brought here because you will be taking on different missions, all of you."

The dragirs glanced at each other, but Artemys kept his attention mostly on the Amura.

"What kind of missions, exactly? If I may ask?" the mage dragir asked. Artemys remembered his name. Lazarus of house Ryu.

"Missions that mean a lot if we plan to survive the upcoming days,” said the Amura. “When I say we, of course I mean all species living in this world, be those good or evil."

"Wait," the thunder female dragir spoke from the side, driving all stares to her. "Does that include those damned sleechurs? Because they are nothing but evil and..."

"Dear...your name is Magatha Stargleam, right?" asked the Amura with too much of a sweet voice.

The dragir nooded at the Amura, crossing her slender arms over her chest. “Best mage in the academy,” Magatha said proudly. “According to the very same words spoken by mistress Vee to me.”

"Well, dear. This is a temple of the gods, please be courteous and refrain from speaking such rubbish from now on.”

“Rubbish?” Magatha rose her eyebrows in surprise, her eyes on the robed figure. “I didn’t speak any rubbish, good Amura.”

“I am talking about the cussing, dear,” the Amura was quick to inform. “The gods are offended easily."

Magatha Stargleam felt stupid then, and more when she noticed her dragir kin looking at her curiously.

"Gods? What gods?" Tyrus Sullivan asked in a loud voice. "We know nothing about gods."

"Must be the fairy god," chuckled Lazarus from his place. "If the fairies resided here, then that means they possibly venerated him, or her."

Tyrus Sullivan noddded at the mage with a grin. “Right.”

"Quite right indeed," the Amura responded, not seeming offended at all behind the veil. "This temple belongs to Arectaris, or as the fairies refer to him as: The Fairy King. This is his earthly home, just like there are homes for other gods such as himself."

“Interesting,” Saskia’s voice came from somewhere behind Artemys, who turned over his shoulder to stare at her. He found her staring at a statue, the dragir using her loop to stare closely at it.

“What is?” Artemys asked, curious to know, he even turned around to face her.

When she heard his question, Saskia turned around to reply. “Oh, just what was spoken about the Fairy God. It is very interesting.”

Saskia walked towards the group and joined them.

"Well where is he at?" Tyrus Sullivan questioned the Amura then. "Where is Arectaris at this very moment? In that invisible realm? If so, can he see and hear us?"

"Yes," the Amura responded, too coolly and unbothered by the questions.

Artemys noticed that the earth dragir was staring at him from the side, her eyes focusing too much on him. He drifted his eyes at her but said nothing, neither did she, but Artemys thought he noticed a slight smile taking a trip on her face, which quickly faded to a scowl.

He was forced to return his stare to the Amura, knowing that perhaps he’d stared too long at Saskia of House Zeeron.

“So,” it was Magatha who spoke again, her voice calm. “Why don’t we know anything about the gods?”

The Amura regarded her.

"Because most of all the ancient history has been destroyed. That is why you know nothing about the gods," responded the Amura. "But do know that we earthly beings are watched by powerful deities who reside above in an invisible world to us."

Artemys nodded to himself, curious to know more of what the Amura was telling them. He had spent too many days with his father that he’d learned from him that there was something else out there, another higher power watching over the whole world.

There were many questions he could have asked about the gods then, but he preferred to just listen, not wanting too sound like the rest of the pack: Annoying. He remembered Mistress Vee's orders, he did not want to do anything to disobey them or make the Amura judge him poorly.

"So when do we start our missions?" Saskia of house Zeeron asked, her voice dry as if she was tired of waiting. "Frankly, I just want to get this over with and return to Dragiria, so I can go back to my studying of bonitos."

Bonitos were a fish specie found mostly in the northern waters.

Artemys used her words as an excuse to stare at her. She was a short, stout dragir, just like Magatha of house Stargleam was, but there was an air about her that told him that she was harmless, even if she was a warrior. In his time spent at the academy, Artemys had not heard of such a house name before. Neither had he heard of any of the other house names that belonged to the other dragir who had come with him. The academy had around ten sections to which dragir were confined. He wondered if any of the dragir knew about his house name, but he chuckled lowly when he agreed with himself that they didn't at all.

"Follow me, it is time." the Amura simply said and begin walking away toward the right side glowing entrance. The robe that the being wore touched the floor and made it seem as if the Amura was just floating. Artemys was the first to follow, then the other dragir followed after him, beginning with Magatha, who had been standing at the far, right end.

They went through the entrance and came to be inside another large room. This one was similar to the last one, but had no altar nor too many statues. Artemys and company noticed that this room had many portal-like entrances glowing, all of assorted hues. There were too many of them and all of them glowed with many odd symbols and runes.

He stopped walking when the Amura told them too. The Amura turned around and said, "The portals are ready as you can see. They will transfer you to your destination, but first, there is a place you will be sent to. Something awaits you there."

"Like what?" Tyrus Sullivan brought his sword to the ready, as if ready to strike. "Enemies, perhaps?"

Artemys laid his eyes on him, noticing his stance. He surely was ready to strike.

"You are a brave one," the Amura spoke. "But no, sheathe your sword, no enemy awaits you there, rather…gifts from me.”

“Gifts?” Saskia asked, her eyes flashing and her face fully surprised.

“The yellow glowing portals were designed to take you to small rooms located underneath this temple. There, you will find many objects, weapons, items of some sort. You can each pick three, I am sure they will come handy for the missions you are about to take. So...proceed to the yellow portals immediately, choose your three gifts, and come back out. I shall be waiting here to explain what they do in case you have no clue."

The dragirs glanced at each other, some asking the others with their stares whether everything would be fine.

“I think this is a test,” Lazarus fixed his glasses over his nose. “Be at the alert, you all, I don’t like this.”

The Amura was not amused behind the veil.

"Right," it was Artemys who started off toward one of the yellow portals. "Don't want to disobey mistress Vee...so..."

"Wait, you fool!" Tyrus shouted at him, his voice echoing off the walls. "What if it is some kind of trap? A test, as Lazarus here has said?"

Artemys stopped cold in his tracks and turned to glance at the tall dragir over his shoulder.

"Trap?” he asked Tyrus. “Are you empty in the head or something?”

That brought a wild giggle from Saskia, making Tyrus turn to regard her, however, Artemys’s continued words made him stare back at him soon enough.

“Didn't you just hear what the Amura said?” had said Artemys. “Are you not trusting its word?"

"I am a female," the Amura kindly informed from her place. "You do good by referring to me as such from now on, young Artemys."

That made Artemys turn around completely, the other dragir were staring at the Amura as well, some sort of confused or surprised at the revelation.

"Your voice told me as much," Artemys smiled as he nodded from where he stood. "Though I was not sure of it. Do you have a name that you go by, then? You can't possibly just be known as Amura."

"My name is Althea Angelides," she confessed, hiding a smile behind the veil. “But you can just call me Althea.”

“Althea,” it was Saskia who spoke then. “A beautiful name.”

“And her voice sounds so sweet,” Lazarus cried, smiling. “Although not as sweet and beautiful-sounding as mistress Vee’s, of course.”

The mage sighed, then, and added, “Yep, mistress Vee is such a sweetie.”

Artemys was quick to clear his throat. “Where were we, Althea? I thought we had a serious matter to attend to.”

"Yes, we’ve deviated long enough from the matter at hand,” Althea announced, feeling glad that Artemys had intervened. “I do beg you all, go now...no time to waste. There are no traps nor tests waiting for you behind those portals."

The other dragir took her word to heart and walked toward the yellow portals, but Artemys was already disappearing through one.

He found himself in a small, squared room which had small windows lining the top. Through those windows filtered in the sun light from the outside, but also a cool wind.

The room had many piles of objects and items scattered on the floor. A treasure room of some sort, Artemys believed. He quickly headed to a pile and knelt in front of it, his eyes focusing on the items that laid scattered about. There were weapons, shields, an assortment of battle gear, and many other items that he had never seen.

He felt overwhelmed just by looking at all there was to see and perhaps…take home.

"Three," Artemys reminded himself with a scold. "I must choose three items."

And knowing that the Amura was waiting, he quickly pondered what he could choose that would help him in his trials to come.

He dug in with his hands at the pile and moved some valuable stuff away, wondering whether his dragir friends were doing the same in other similar rooms.

"Don't think that you will simply have your fun here alone," came a female's voice from behind. Artemys quickly glanced over his shoulder and noticed Magatha Stargleam standing at the entrance, the thunder dragir’s hands on her hips.

"What? Oh no, not you."

"Don't be upset, Artemys," she ran over to him, her fat braid swinging wildly to the sides. She knelt beside him, her eyes on the pile of valuable items. She then stared at the warrior and added, "I know you must still be curious and perhaps upset as to why I stepped on you back in Dragiria, eh?"

"You are right," Artemys said, looking interested all of a sudden. "I would ask you why you did that, but that matters not to me now, we have more important things to worry about."

"Like choosing our gifts?" Magatha asked, almost teasing.

"Yes. I'd hate to keep the Amura waiting. I just want to get this over with as well, just like that Zeeron female said so herself."

"Very well then," the thunder dragir laughed. "Let us choose."

Artemys nodded at her and they both got busy removing stuff from the pile and examining those items that they thought they could choose.

There were several large piles of stuff, so Artemys headed to check another when he didn't find anything interesting in that first pile.

He examined some shields and then heard Magatha say, "Hey! Look, Artemys, I think I found my first object...a short sword with thunder properties."

Artemys glanced at her, noticing that she held a short blade which seemed to glow in a yellowish hue.

"With thunder what?" Artemys seemed confused.

"Thunder properties, come touch it," she invited.

Artemys stood up and headed to her. He reached for the sword but got jolted badly when he had grabbed the hilt.

“Aghh!” Artemys even jumped away, grabbing his hand with the other.

Magatha blurted out laughing when she saw how the dragir had jumped up from the jolting.

"That wasn't funny," Artemys scowled. "You did that on purpose, did you not?"

"No," Magatha still laughed. "This sword must be magical, Artemys of House Titanium. If it shocked you, then it belongs not in your hand, just in someone else's. Like mine, for I am a being with thunder affinity."

"I get it," Artemys nodded, understanding what she meant. "So, will you keep it?" he asked as he headed back to his pile, forgetting about the trap that he had fallen into so easily.

"I am a mage, Artemys, I don't need weapons like this, I can efficiently defend myself with my magical knowledge. But, the blade is pretty,” she said as she ran her eyes over the fine blade. “I like it, I think I will keep it."

Artemys nodded at her, then knelt in front of the pile and carefully grabbed a sword that laid there. "Not a bad piece of work but not my style," he said and put the sword aside. "Too heavy for my hand."

"I see why, you are too frail," Magatha joked and Artemys couldn't contain a chuckle and a roll of his eyes. He was frail looking that was for sure, so Magatha's joke hadn't hurt him at all.

The warrior headed to another pile a few minutes later. There were just too many things that he could choose, and yet he could not, for he was having a hard time choosing something. On the other hand, Magatha was already done making her selections, and she had decided to stay with him. She had chosen the thunder blade, a nifty looking satchel that apparently she had liked for the many compartments it offered and a beautiful necklace that had a red gem hanging from a golden chain. All magical items, she had informed Artemys.

"You know, maybe you should get a necklace too," Magatha teased from her spot, eyeing the young warrior as he rummaged through the pile. "And give it to that beautiful dragir, I can tell that she likes you."

Hearing that, Artemys quickly turned around but did not stand up.

"What beautiful dragir?" he asked as he stayed on all four, like a canine, which made Magatha laugh.

Magatha, with a lewd smile drawn on her face, replied, "That six foot hunk from House Sullivan, of course.”

Artemys didn’t seem amused at all, his face was as serious as he’d ever been.

“Haha, I tease you. I was talking about the female from house Zeeron," Magatha confessed then. "What other beautiful dragir is there to see in our group, huh? Lazarus and Tyrus are handsome, not beautiful, silly."

"I don't know, what about you?" Artemys eyed the dragir and watched in satisfaction as her smile vanished.

"Don't be silly, I am not beautiful like that Zeeron female."

"Oh, ever the victim," Artemys said, rolling his eyes. He lowered his eyes and grabbed an amulet that held some sort of carved being from a green gemstone. "You and all the other females who were summoned, are pretty ones, I am sure...like this amulet."

Magatha could have made Artemys say more, but she noticed how his attention was on the amulet that he had dug from the bottom of the pile.

"Let me see," she went to him. Artemys stood up and held the amulet out to her.

"Oh, it's so pretty," she said as she took it from him. "What manner of being is this, anyway? It has wings and has the form of both a lion and a horse."

"Beats me," Artemys sighed, scratching his left forearm.

“Must be some sort of creature,” Magatha believed. “A monster.”

"Well, can you tell if it is magical?" Artemys seemed desperate to know.

"Of course it is, silly," Magatha eyed him briefly, then her eyes went back to the amulet. "I can just feel its magical energy flowing...it's some sort of summoning piece, a soul keeper, but it won’t obey my command."

"What?" Artemys asked. "Are you trying to summon it forth? Give me that." And he reached for it but Magatha was too quick, spinning herself away so that Artemys just grabbed air.

"Wait," she pleaded when he came after her. "Stay put, Artemys. Go find your other two items while I find out more on this one. I know it belongs to you if you want it, but let me hold it for a few minutes more, alright? I want to see if I can figure out what it is."

"Alright fine," Artemys said, then went back to the pile. He dug in and removed some heavy plates and items and his eyes suddenly came upon an object that he had never seen before. He quickly grabbed it with trembling, excited hands and then stood up as he held it. Magatha noticed him and saw that he held another weird item, or weapon, or whatever it was that he had found. She headed to him right away.

"Now what have you found, Arty?"

"Arty?" Artemys gave her a wild stare.

"Short for Artemys, hope you don't mind. I'd call you it, too, but I am afraid you will mind."

"I won't," Artemys said, his voice charismatic. "So, take a loud of this thing I found, Magatha. Can you tell me what it is?"

"Never seen such a thing before," Magatha said, observing the big object that Artemys presented to her.

"I think it is a weapon," Artemys said. "I mean look, it's got two long barrels and holes at the end, a sort of trigger, a pink gem stone and it is...heavy."

"Heavy?" Magatha grinned at him. "Then put it back down, Arty, I thought we had agreed that heavy objects were too much for you."

"Not that heavy but heavy nonetheless, feel its weight." Artemys offered her the piece and she took it with one hand. She knew it was heavy alright, though she could still hold it aloft. She knew if she held it out like that for a minute her arm would tire and possibly go numb.

"It is heavy," she affirmed with a nod, handing the object back to him. "But the magical gem is not the cause."

"Then what is?" Artemys took the object back. “I thought you knew much about magic, mage.”

Magatha showed him a hurtful expression, and she felt a little that way, for the comment had stung her a bit, although she knew that the dragir had not meant anything bad by calling her mage.

"I do, but I really don’t have an idea of what it is, I have never seen anything like it before.”

“Dang! When we look for answers, these tend to elude us.”

“Perhaps you are right, Arty. But don’t lose heart, maybe the Amura will explain? She did say she would, right? Anyway, I just know that it is magical, you'd do well in keeping it."

"I think I will," Artemys said, eyeing her. "I've never seen anything like this before, either. Anyway...we've been here like ten minutes already. I better get that third item and be out of here."

"Yes, we should hurry up and return with the others. So, I will help you find that third item if that is alright with you."

"It is," Artemys nodded, feeling that he probably was close to making a friend in Magatha of House Stargleam. "So help me find something where I could keep or store this heavy thing, I don't want to be carrying it around all the time."

He blurted out laughing and so did the female dragir.

“You poor weak thing,” Magatha chuckled. "Fret not, for I think that I can easily make you a magical holster for it.”

“What? Are you serious?” Artemys was very surprised. “You can do that kind of thing?”

"Yes I can. So see, Arty? My best advice for you is that you seek something else that is magical, not a holster for this thing. You are a warrior, not a mage like me, so pick a magical blade or something. Magic would be very helpful to you."

"And what is that suppose to mean?" Artemys glanced at her as he started back for the pile. “You mock me because I happen to be a warrior and not a mage like you?”

"No, not at all,” Magatha paled and was quick to stare at him with soothing eyes. “Imagine this, Artemys: You could be a great warrior if you also fought using magical items that allowed you to be half warrior and half mage. Oh...thinking about it just makes my bones tingle with excitement. You'd be the first to ever do something like that. You’d be something awesome!"

“Mistress Vee knows magic, and she is a warrior,” Artemys replied with a cocky smile. “I wouldn’t be the first to do that.”

“I was referring to you being the first ever male warrior, you silly.”

"But I don't want to be a mage," Artemys contradicted. "I am alright using just swords, I don't need magic to defend myself."

"Don't be a fool, of course you do," Magatha's voice sounded heavy, pressing even. "I mean...when facing stronger foes..."

"Like yourself?” Artemys looked at her with a cold, tough stare. “Look, Magatha of house Stargleam, I know that I am a pitiful warrior compared to the likes of you. Your magic could end my life in an instant if I were unlucky enough to receive a spell from you, but I am not about to go seeking trouble with folks like you anytime soon. I know what even low mages can do."

"You've much to learn from me, Artemys. Trust me, I know I can make something great out of you..."

"But I don't want to be great," Artemys opposed, pained in his heart because the memory of his father crossed through his thoughts then. "I just want to help end the war, live in Dragiria happily without hurting anyone and..."

"And die old after your many thousands of years of life have been utterly spent? What is fun about that? Don't you want to be someone great in our homeland? Like...Mistress Vee? She's felled thousands of sleechurs, or so it is said. A wild monster at Hel's Gate broke her horn and her arm long ago. She survived, she's someone great. Her name is known all around Dragiria, she's the main hero there, almost as popular as our Daelden. Don't you want to be someone like her one day in the near future? Wouldn't you love to sit at the Daelden's honor table and engage in conversation with her?"

"I'm just some young dragir," Artemys told her, shaking his head through it all. "One who does not go looking for trouble nor personal gains or glory. If Mistress Vee made a name for herself, I am sure she's earned it. But I just want other things besides fame and glory, Magatha. Like I said, I want to live in peace, have my house, marry a dragir female, and perhaps establish my own training facility and train young aspiring dragir. You know, teach them whatever it is that I know? I'd accept you as my second." And he laughed, but Magatha just stood watching him with a serious, disappointed face.

"I will wait for you outside," she said then, her voice letting him know that she was a little disappointed with him. She started leaving and said as she did, "I was wrong about you. You are not like those other fierce red ones that I know. There is no fire within you."

And she tossed him the green jeweled amulet, which Artemys easily caught with his left hand.

The dragir watched her go, and when she was gone, he pondered on what she had said to him. He could have stayed thinking deeply on what had just transpired but he remembered about the kind Amura, so he turned around and decided to make his final selection.

He came back out to the main room moments later, noticing that all others were already there and talking to each other. Magatha, though, stood by herself a few feet away from the group.

Artemys noticed that the Amura still stood where she had stood at before the dragir had gone to make their selections.

"An amulet, a ring and...the fairy pistol," Althea spoke as he approached. She could easily tell what the dragir had chosen since her magical knowledge permitted her too, for she had a magical connection with the temple and everything within.

"The fairy pistol?" Artemys heard himself asking.

"A fairy named Shayla brought that Phydian piece here one day," Althea explained. "We Amura customized that piece to fire magical beams instead of steel balls thinking that it would help the fairies defend their homeland. It's a weapon that is used by Phydians, but too heavy for a fairy to hold. It allows them to fire a shot and then they have to reload, a long process in the heat of battle. That magical gem attached to its handle will allow you to fire magical shots depending on your affinity, in this case it is fire, so the fairy pistol will fire magical fire balls. Use it well, young Artemys, you hold a weapon of tremendous power."

"I will," he said, keeping a smile concealed. "But...what happens when the magical stone does run out? Will the pistol become unusable?"

"The forests here conceal several mines where magical gems can be found. I am sure that you will find plenty of gems to keep that weapon working, and fret not, I have several with me that I will give you. But even if that was not the case, I’d allow you to go into the mines, for I use to be guardian of this temple."

Artemys bowed in thanks, then he said, "That would be wonderful, Althea. Anyway, I believe I am ready for what is to come."

The Amura reunited all of the dragir in front of her and then went on to explain what their next course of action was. It was time to head into the blue portals, which according to Althea, would take them to their destination.

"But, before you proceed," she said. "I will make you fall asleep and in a dream I will let you know what you must do. When you wake up, you will not find me here anymore, as I have pressing matters to attend to. Three of you shall go on a very risky mission, while two of you will go on another of the utmost importance. I wish you young warriors good luck and know that I will be watching you."

She then told them to line up a few feet away from each other and then told them to lay on the floor with their backs against it. The dragirs obeyed without saying much, keeping their chosen items and weapons close to them. They all began to feel a desperate feeling within, a feeling filled with nervousness, tension, and even fear. It was time for the missions, they knew, the time to show what they were made of had come.

Artemys suddenly felt a soothing sensation taking over him completely. He couldn’t resist it, and he did not know when he lost consciousness.

*End of Part 4*
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Great Chap, chap :P It is really good. I could see Artymis goping through all the stuff and toss things aside. And it also funny how you describe lazarus because this is typically a thing he would do indeed :P Great work Ats :yes:


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Nov 5, 2010
That one was much better than the others in terms of grammar. This is really coming along well. I think it's different enough that it would definitely make a good story, and since you'll probably have someone edit it officially when you go for publishing, I won't dwell on those. The one thing I did want to say is that just because it's an ancient setting doesn't mean everyone has to talk (for lack of a better expression) like Yoda. I noticed that both Magatha and Althea say "Fret not." in this chapter, but there are a couple differences. It makes perfect sense for Althea since she is a very very old being, but for Magatha and Ats to talk like that contrasts too much with their teenager-like speech. Basically, what I would suggest is that instead of reversing verb order for the "young" dragir, maybe just look for more unique or old-sounding words. I mean, this is all just a suggestion, but I think it would make the characters seem more believable.

Once again, great job. :D

*M i d n a*

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Aug 18, 2009
Well thanks for following along, guys/gals. ^^ Here is the next short chapter in line.

Part 5: Master Shadow

Furrion Island, same day, an hour close to sunset

The figure was tall and very strong, and his magical knowledge was great. Amongst those that he ruled he was simply known as Master Shadow. He was an imposing figure dressed in a black trench coat, black pants, and dark boots. He nearly resembled a shadow.

His default skin had been corrupted by the use of his own magic. It had once been light in color, but now it was grayish. His eyes looked like two balls of fiery flames, and his hair was short and dark, fading back. No one that lived now knew whether Master Shadow had once been a Furrion or not. It was heavily stipulated by his furry followers that he had once been a Phydian.

Shadow stood inside his private quarters in his dark castle, observing through several scrying bowls what went on in several parts of the world. These were places that he thought were important to him. He was pleased and very disappointed at the same time over the many things that he had seen.

His large number of forces were on their way to the north and to the east. That pleased him greatly. What he saw going on at Slyria also pleased him greatly, it appeared that the allies he had secured were also on the move. Lady Medusa had kept her part of the deal, her troops were moving out to Hel's Gate, the only entrance to Slyria and a place that Shadow knew too well but had never visited. He had seen too many battles through the use of his scrying bowls, though.

The invasion of Dragiria would begin in a few days. Shadow grinned evilly, knowing that removing the dragir was one of the top priorities of his plans. They were a strong race even though they resided in a small island. They had always protected the pitiful Phydians and their land. Their magical knowledge was ample, and those scaly beings had been blessed by the gods with long-lasting life, the only race who could live up to a thousand years or more.

But soon things would change. Soon the dragir would have to split their forces and become weak. Having to fight a war on three fronts would surely be their demise, Shadow thought, and that pleased him greatly. For one, they had to repel the sleechurs's invasion and his Furrion attack. And they would also be sending troops to defend the invasion of Phyd, which the dragir already knew about. They were no stupid creatures and seemed to be on top of the race chain.

Shadow knew he would get to face many foes soon, and he loved that. He would take pleasure defeating each and every one of those fools that stood in his way.

But he was weak at the moment, and that is what had him unpleased. Shadow was a powerful being as he was at the moment, his knowledge of many lost magics could compare to that of the Amura sages, but he was incomplete in a sense that he knew he could attain more power and even challenge foes who were unseen by the many creatures of this world. For that to happen he knew he had a long ways to go, but his plans were already progressing and had taken a big turn in his favor…

A newborn child had been born to an ex-pirate woman recently, he knew - and was actually glad of it. This woman was daughter to King Locke Cole, the Phydian King. The newborn had garnered the dark Lord's attention when he had seen the mark on her small wrist, a mark similar to one that he himself had engraved on the upper part of his wrist.

She had a piece of the Celestial Mark, a secret mark that Shadow knew about thanks to his deep study of ancient lore. Little remained of the past, but he knew bits that were pushing him to something big, he knew. That child was just as special as he was, for the gods had granted them something special. But a third person or being like them was also needed to complete this mark.

Tonight would be the start of something big, Shadow believed as he watched the child in her momma's arms fully asleep. He knew that if he managed to secure the babe, he would now have two of three pieces of the CM, as Shadow had come to call the mark. Finding that third person with the mark would not be a problem, but Shadow would need many resources, time, and less creatures in the way.

That is why he needed the dragir race gone from the face of the world, the protectors of men, as they were also known as. After they were removed, the sleechurs would follow, and finally any other race that remained that he might consider dangerous for his plans.

*End of Part 5*


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Feb 14, 2010
Sorry about not commenting sooner, this looks really good. It'll be interesting to see how things play out as opposed to the original.


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Nov 5, 2010
Wow, great job. The only thing I wanted to say is that I'm not sure you should abbreviate Celestial Mark... idk it just sounds a little modern to me. Other than that great chapter. You're doing an awesome job taking the Zelda out of it. I bet if someone didn't know that's what it originally was, they would never guess.

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