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Return of Bulblins?

Jun 30, 2014
Any chance we'll see the return of Bulblins in Hyrule? Definitely my favorite of the 'blins-- they're by far the most intelligent of the genus, speaking human languages and forming their own (however primitive) societies, and their rugged, "tuskan raider" aesthetic is cool af.

Thoughts? How would we see them incarnated in this game?


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May 24, 2015
Nope. Bublins have been pretty much replaced by Bokoblins it seems....

However I should point out that Bokoblins in BotW are far more intelligent than Bublins in TP. They have formed their own societies, many bases scattered throughout the world, they make their own weapons, and even communicate with each other as well.

The only thing missing is the aesthetic, which, while cool, I don't think it would work as well with BotW's artstyle.
Nov 14, 2015
Bulblins would be a welcomed return for me. I'd like to see them make more appearances, and see more of their ranks and higherups - possibly not even in service of Calamity Ganon, but just as random thieves and ne'er do wells. It would definitely be an awesome call back to see a sort of western civilization overrun by Bulblins that we need to clear out. Also, I think Bulblins could easily fit in with the Breath of the Wild aesthetics (assuming that's what you were referring to @Lozjam) due to the Bulblin's - and, to a lesser extent, Bulbos - in Spirit Tracks, where they both appear in a more cartoony style, with Bulbos becoming hairier and less threatening in their appearance.

Of course, they would need to be remodeled and upscaled tremendously to better fit in Breath of the Wild's world, but I could see a return similar to this entirely possible, especially considering Bulblins actually have a well known mount (Bulbos) that they can ride, while the Bokoblins have to ride less interesting creatures like horses.


and Tonic
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Nov 29, 2010
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I like Bulblins, they seems a bit more classic fantasy over the very Zelda-ish blins of the series. That and they were fleshed out quite a bit in their first appearance.

I do think that if any game will have them, it would be this one. Since BotW mirrors western games so much.


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Oct 5, 2010
Bulblins are one of my favourite enemies in Zelda, and definitely my favourite 'blin' enemy. I would love to see more of them and to see Nintendo expand further on them. As much as I'd like for then to return, I don't really think they will appear in BotW. Not because of the art style (because I think a BotW redesign of the Bulblins would be awesome) but because I feel like the BotW Bokoblins already fill the space that Bulblins would fill. In TP Bokoblins were very primitive, just roaming around fighting with their clubs. Bulblins on the other hand were way more advanced, fighting with either a sword or bow and arrow, and built strategical structures such as archer towers to help them. The Bokoblins in BotW seem to do just that, which makes me feel like Bulblins would be redundant in the game, even though I would have personally preferred them over the Bokoblins.


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Feb 9, 2013
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I would love to see the Bulblins make an appearance! Especially if the game is set in the Downfall Timeline (which it clearly seems to be at the moment). As, we haven't seen the Bulblins make an appearance in the Downfall Timeline yet. So I think it would be cool. I mean, after we finally got Redeads in the Downfall Timeline. So why not other enemies that haven't yet appeared in the Downfall Timeline. Plus they were fun enemies to fight in both TP and ST. They already appeared in the Child and Adult Timelines, so I think it's time they finally make an appearance in the Downfall Timeline.

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