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Rate the Siggy!

A pet peeve of mine is when someone just does the *same score here* just so they can get their signature re-rated without writing a nice critique for someone, so I am not going to do such...

I do like the brushes on the Big Octo banner, however, they don't use any special effects and are randomly placed on a plain background. Black dropshadows against white kind of end up giving off a bland grey color as well, so I'm not too pleased with the text either. Not that it's not a good signature--it's nice, but just isn't the best. The cookie one, I think I already mentioned how bad the antialiasing is, so yeah... Maybe a 5/10 on this re-rate.

*risked getting ninja'd* o.o


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010

I don't know who the render is of, but I like the way the effects blend. The basic idea of it is neat. I think the text says "Ichigo"(?), but it's a little hard to read. Pretty nice overall.

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