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Pros and cons


magical internet cat....
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Jun 22, 2016
Has technology improved our lives or not??
Im making a list any suggestions welcome

more accessible
Message friends easier
More entertainment
Easier to find people with common interests
Easier to find info
Easier travelling
Less strain on your time

No clear sepration of work/lesiure time
More antisocialism
More strain on your time
Less brick and mortar shops
Less general knowledge
Less human brain use
Shorter attention spans
Quantity rather than quality


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
A few more pros for you Dizzi.

  • Gives great and easy access to mankind's collective knowledge.
  • Improves productivity of goods and services.
  • Easier to manage finances.
  • Newer technology is more powerful and more power efficient.
  • Can improve our lives in ways we never thought of.
  • Can be an incredible boon to certain industries.
  • Aids in military defense and strategy.
  • Aids the economy.
  • Better prosthetics.
  • Better medicine.
I feel pros outweigh cons here.


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Feb 4, 2016
Shadow Moose Island
'bout a quarter past 5:00
Considering that the human life span has increased and has significantly done so since industrialization Yes. We've also gotten to the point where once horrible diseases that were feared are now not a concern.
Infact these diseases have been gone do long that a small vocal group of people don't believe in the thing technology helped to get rid of. We're also sending things into space which allows us to learn how our universe works. Technology is so advanced we have the whole of human knowledge in the palm of our hands quite literally.
Jul 14, 2019
I think the answer is undeniably that technology has improved our lives in some ways, but hindered it in others. Things like medicinal advances and communication possibilities are at a level previously considered to be magic. However, there are definite consequences to such leaps.

I recently made a thread about how some studies seem to suggest that our brains view smartphones and similar devices as a part of themselves and so begin functioning in a fundamentally different way. This definitely seems to be the case in my experience. However, this falls under the category that most tech drawbacks do in that technology is a tool, and abuse of a tool will always lead to destruction in some way.

Social media has brought us closer together but has also left a lot of people unable to easily make real bonds with people as they no longer understand how socialising works. Things like dishwashers and cars save us time but also make us impatient because time is no longer as valuable. A sharing of knowledge has allowed scientific research to be spread at an incredible speed yet has left many people with only surface knowledge of many topics rather than deep knowledge on a few.

Technology is invented to provide us with luxury but instead seems to breed desire. This has very real consequences on the way we operate as a society. I'm not smart enough to truly analyse the risks versus benefits of introducing certain inventions to the world but I am with hindsight able to say that I believe some techs should have been introduced differently or with greater care. However, I would never try to claim that life is better with no technology.


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Jan 19, 2018
Increased quality of life.
Improved understanding of medicine that is literally the only reason I'm still alive today.
Greater understanding of the world.
Unrestrained flow of information across the world.
Almost everything in the world is largely available immediately and inexpensively.


Bad internet memes.


It was all a mistake, shut it down.

Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
I consider technology a blessing and a curse cuz it's great when it works but when it borks up you can be super screwed.


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Jul 5, 2017
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It's a pretty equal balance for me. Technology has improved our lives in so many ways, however I've caught myself being absolutely glued to my phone, neglecting activities or neglecting time with my loved ones.

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