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Please Help Me! I Need It SOOO Bad and Fast!

Which 3DS should I get?

  • Flame Red 3DS

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  • Aqua Blue 3DS

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Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
my vote tied it at red. That's the color I wanted when I first saw pics of the 3ds, then i didn't come out, so I'm sitting here with blue. at least I'm an ambassador though


Professional Dork
Oct 22, 2010
REMEMBER GUYS, THIS THREAD AND POLL ARE GONNA CLOSE TOMORROW AT 9:06 AM! REMEMBER TO VOTE! :) Although the overall decision comes to me, and I personally want the blue one now (because in this order, I got a red DS Lite, a white DSI, and now I wanna end with blue, red, white, blue, in that order), but I WILL PUT YOUR VOTES INTO CONSIDERATION! So far, Red's winning, but we've all still got about 12 hours left, a little more. So please keep voting! :)

~Linkanon~ o.o

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