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  • I don't think I would trade my Kyogre, and I am mostly interested in trading shinys, but I think Vain can get you one, he says he'll only give you a clone but there is no real difference, later I'ma pass him my event pokemon and he will take a clone of it, so if he's willing to take a clone there is no issue with them. I do however have a level 20 mew if your interested, I would trade for any shiny pokemon, or even a not rare at all but well raised pokemon, when I say well raised it depends on the pokemon but I mean high stats you can find out from Bulbapedia is your pokemon have high stats but they generally don't unless your purposly doing stuff to make them good.

    Actually, I think he's amused by Ezlo. He turned his master, who didn't have enough faith in his powers to let him do anything(or so I like to believe, anyways), so he stole the magic cap, made his master a hat, and now he's proving his power and worth, and getting more. All the while, his old master is a HAT. And he might also be a bird. Logic.

    Ah, who knows why he's smiling?

    I was lost a LONG time ago. A few Mondays ago, sometime in February. My brain stopped working that morning. True story.

    I'm... weird, lol. Truly. I'm insane with a passion. I was just sort of looking at the Vaati emote one day, and thinking of how he must be smiling faintly. Then someone said something that made me a little amused, no longer as neutrally depressed as I was. It sort of... clicked together. And then there was :vaati:.

    :muffin: MY :muffin:Y :muffin:
    Heh. Random things tend to do that--when I forget what something is called I give it an overly long name and do that thing where you take the first letter of every word and make it one word. There is a word for it, and t is lost to me because I keep thinking it's an anagram. Which it most certainly is not.

    I typed in anagram on my Google search... and ti came out with "Did you mean: nag a ram" ...o_O Anywayyys... Like my guitar, my ocarina was a holiday present. I named the guitar yesterday... and now I don't remember it. I don't remember anything right now because my head is full of motion. Honestly, it is.

    I actually think of the name Vaati as an emotion, faint amusement after a long period of melancholy. But it's... deeper than that.
    Heh. Happens. I started on flute in sixh(same as you, mandatory), but I liked it so much I kept playing. Ocarina--well, OoT did that for me. We happen to have a piano upstairs, so that's that. I've never had music lessons outside school save singing and voice work I did for theatre.
    Heh. Most likely, instrument-playing is a good skill to hsve. I'm completely self-taught save flute. Guitar, piano, and ocarina are what I'm working on, and I've almost got ocarina down.
    Doing quite well. I'm teaching myself how to play a few more instruments over spring break, it'll be worth it, I hope. What have you been doing as of late?
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