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Pet Boss


Just a relatable ghost trying to spook it up
Mar 8, 2011
lol idk XD Meme Hell
If you could have any boss from the Zelda series, other than Ganon/other final bosses, as a pet to sick on people, which boss would it be. Personally, I would want Stallord, not as much because he's powerful, which he is, but because he would scare my friends to death!:lol:
Seriously, what would you guys want and why?
Feb 1, 2011
I would definitely have the Masked Mechanical Monster, GOHT, as my pet.
Honestly, this boss is so awesome. He would be so fun to ride on and I believe this boss is indestructible so I wouldn't have to worry about it dying.


Definitely, definitely, Argorok. With King Dodongo coming as a close second.


King of the Dead
Jun 8, 2011
Has to be Odolwa 'cause he has a sword and makes really cool noises. Plus, he's got pets of his own (the bugs.) And he's kinda scary looking :)

It isn't too hard to figure out which one I would want.
Thanks for making me laugh lol ;)

My Dear Epona

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Apr 23, 2011
Helmarock king and as i consider dark link the boss in water temple him to, he would be my waitress ^_

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