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Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk


An enthusiastic nobody.
Mar 29, 2011
Gotham City.
Thank you everyoonnnneee >w<

Sorry for not updating-- I've been extremely busy lately with school starting and all. I've posted most of my stuff on my DA again, but I promise, when I get back into the swing of things I'll start drawing little doodles again so people on DA won't be seeing the same thing twice :U!

"Re-watched Lovely Complex. I always loved Risa's hairstyles @w@
It looks nothing like her ;m;"

Ahh--- The good ol' days when I was a Kingdom Hearts Tard.
This is probably the earliest digital drawing of a person I've done that has lasted time. I deleted most of them long, long ago.

Commission of Katelynn's OC :>

Last big 'Project' for now-- Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so this year I decided to draw a little something special for Celtic. She did so much for me last year and didn't complain about me dragging her into my long-term project :U
She's an amazing artist and an amazing person. Now that I think of it, the drawing I did doesn't say 'CELTIC' loud enough, but let's hope it's just good enough!
Thank you for everything, CelticMagiciaaaannn!
And here's a sneak pre-view >w>


van der Nguyen
Nov 21, 2011
Sweet work you've done here <3, wouldn't it look awesome as a val card? :lol:

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