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Ocarina of Time Noticed Glitches? Post Here!


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Aug 31, 2011
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I found that if you quit the game with the Biggoron sword while on Epona and start a new file, you will start with a child Link holding the Master Sword. That one is well known.
Jan 9, 2011
I haven't find any big ones my self, but I foud a way to get out of bonds in the MQ Jabu jabu on the GCN


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Ok, thanks guys! I'll post my glitch

Requirements: Became a member of the gerudo's, Have Epona.
Glitch: 1. Go to the gerudo desert.
2.Go in the fortress.
3. Go up to the houses and to the place with two blocks at each side.
4. Crush two boxes of one side.
5. Set Epona exactly where the two boxes stood.
6. Walk inside a door, and come out again.
7. TA-DA!! Epona is stuck in two boxes! Don't worry, just rool into the boxes or destroy them with a bomb and she's free.
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