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  • Happy Birthday Clash!
    Yeah, well, at least I got a battle in with you, that was fun, but I wasn't at my best then.
    Nah it's cool. I personally like metal for the most part. Most types as well as Electronica and Core genres.
    I understand. I'm partial to a game of Call of Duty but usually I'm doing either Legend of Zelda, Metroid (or other "metroidvania" style games), Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mario, or Kirby. I'd say any one who only wants shooters is close minded when it comes to video games. I grew up on LoZ and Smash Bros. so I know what gaming really is.

    Congrats on the star count in Super Mario 64 DS, beeting 3DS SMLand, and the motion plus. I don't get much time for games cause of AP classes but when I do I make the most of it.

    Recently I've been getting a bunch of music though...speaking of, what type are you into?
    That's no problem. I just don't get on too much and figured I'd talk with someone else who I haven't seen much. Hope you don't mind. Up to anything new or cool?
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