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New Stuff for the Next SBB


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
-_- Sakurai already said there isn't going to be an SSB4...
Yeah i heard Brawl will be last game of the Super Smash Bros. series, but remember what they said about Halo 3? They also said it's the last one so maybe they will change their minds and gonna make a whole new Super Smash Bros. Game. They are sick of people are complaining about the characters. ''We want this one'' ''This one sucks'' ''Rob and Mr Game and Watch are pointless fighters'' Actually they are. I hate mister Game and Watch same for Rob, there are plenty better characters than them, but nobody can change it, they are just in the game now.

About Naruto, putting Naruto characters into Brawl is just Pathetic, it has nothing to do with Nintendo, what nothing to do with video games. Naruto has it's own fighting games but they are never better than the Smash Bros. Series. It needs to stay a Nintendo All-star battle and not a overall all-star battle.

But if there's ever coming a new Smash Bros. my first vote should be Vaati, since he's the most interesting character at the moment in my opinion. He looks great and could easily handle a great move set. Geno would be pretty awesome as well, he's only outdated and needs more love in other games if he wants to join the SSB fighters.
Maybe nobody does but i really want Waluigi in this game. i was really sad that his appearance was a assist trophy, i was hoping he would be one of the fighters, so if there is ever gonna a new SSB game put Waluigi in it as a fighter with a great move set.

I can also say Spyro or Cynder would be pretty awesome. But Charizard is for now on my Dragon based fighter and the Spyro things aren't 100% Nintendo's.
It would be really nice if they put more characters from F-Zero, Donkey Kong and Pokémon. Specially for F-Zero, it is a real cool game with cool characters like Black Shadow, so more love for F-Zero.
Like said there isn't coming a new SSB anymore, if they ever gonna change their minds and make a new one those idea's would be great.

deku guy

it would be cool waluigi;birdo and majoras mask link it would have pokemon trainer
mechanic of down b change and the smash final would be the firce diety mask


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Nov 30, 2008
First off, Ash is a character from the anime, making it Ash instead of Red would be inacurate to the games, and piss off the fanbase (including me). Now if you know this fanbase, you know that you probably don't want to piss them off, but you also will like them somewhat because they got you HGG/SS.

Someone also suggested taking out Final Smashes... Why? you can turn them off. I get annoyed when people want to take out stuff that you can turn off. You know what they should take out, tripping and loading time, the two worst things about Brawl.

I'd like to see more from Fire Emblem, I think that they should make you be able to make your Pokemon shiny (if they allow two different costumes for Wario why not?). Some reference to other Metroid characters would be nice, maybe just an Assist Trophy. Also, Wolf Link, and make the hurricane spin Toon Link's final smash. Just a few things, SSB as a series has so much potential.


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Jan 18, 2009
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Okay. If they was going to be a new Super Smash Bros. I'd definitely want to have the Happy Mask Salesmen as a playable character. He would be able to wear the masks and change into a Goron, a Zora, and a Deku scrub. His final smash would be being able to use Majora's Mask and play as Majora's Wrath or something for a limited period of time.

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