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New Popular Technologies/Services You Don't Use


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Each year many new technologies and services become available and popularised. Which of these in recent times have you still not used, at least frequently.

Online Shopping - I very rarely purchase physical products online, usually only making digital purchases such as music or games.

Uber - I never really used Taxis anyway and thus see no need to use Uber. I haven't even used it or something similar once yet.

Food Delivery Services - UberEATS and similar services I don't use as I rather just pick up my food and pay less.

Wearables - I don't find the cost to be worth the slight improvement in convenience.

Tablets - Since I don't draw I don't see much need for a device between my computer and phone.

AirBNB - This one I am more willing to try more in the future. I like the idea but haven't tried it much yet.

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Oct 3, 2018
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I don't use Uber, and try to avoid public transport, I prefer to drive myself or walk/cycle, if it's convenient to do so.

I don't buy almost anything online because I want to touch and see the stuff I'm getting. Only thing I ever buy online are games, and not so often because I sell games once finished and if I don't see a replay value in them.
When talking about video games, I don't use Playstation or XBox - Nintendo all the way!

I don't use Netflix, I don't really watch TV apart from occasional sports so I don't see the point of paying for it.

I don't use any Apple product.
I don't use any online service that needs paid supscription.
I don't pay to play online.
I don't use Twitter.
I don't use Instagram.

Also, I never use earphones, I just hate those things because I want to be aware of the world around me.

It'd probably be easier to mention things I DO USE :D
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Nov 1, 2018
Modern world is full of new technologies that make our life more comfortable and easier. I am a manager, and still use a lot of good technologies, software, and other products. The most important for my company and my work/tasks programms are - antivirus, honestly i prefer Avast, monitoring software to check me employee's actions, i've been using for almost 1 year SoftActivity and ofcourse nice and powerfull computers, because it is 2018, and no one use slow machines in business or smth like that.
Netflix/Hulu/whatever else streaming service.
Food delivery
Those alexa google home things whatchamacallits
4K (ps 720p is still acceptable guys)
Apple music

In general, I hate change. Most of my devices are dated and so is their software and operating systems. I use dated things in favor of their latest, modern variants because I feel upgrading is really downgrading, and they rob me of features so I have to pay more for those same features, as ironic as that is. Also new technology is made to break. I use Windows 8.1 on a five year old computer, and still use Microsoft Office 2003. I have iOS 8 (current iOS version is iOS12) on a three year old iPhone 6. I have a seven year old drawing tablet (and no, it doesn't have a screen; I don't need a screen). I have a ten year old iPod nano that I still use. Upgrading is not a thing I like to do.
Oct 20, 2008
As much as possible. I try to avoid as much MODERN garbage as possible because it's mostly terrible, especially all this SMART technology bull**** that is basically like xtreme trendy tech euphoria manifest physically. Most modern technologies are either unnecessary or harmful or both and I try to avoid it as much as possible. Some things like streaming do have their advantages and I'm not totally against it, but when it comes to like, new technologies like wearables and anything "smart" I avoid it like the plague. The fact that so much of this stuff is being literally forced on us makes it so much worse and sometimes I just want to become a monk on a mountain to avoid all of it.


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Aug 16, 2019
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There's something called Air purifier. Though they say Nanoparticles in atmosphere affect you. I'm not spending money on it.

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