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New Kirby Wii Game Announced


Jun 19, 2010
Here's the first trailer: [video=youtube;te-OqdKx8ho]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=te-OqdKx8ho[/video]

And heres some details about the game:- Iwata apologized for the long wait
- HAL has been working away on the game
- Releasing this year

This looks like a really fun game. Those abilitys look intresting too.
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Dec 31, 2010
Interesting, since they just released a Kirby Wii title. I hope they expand on more series though.

Anyway, looks pretty awesome!


The New Guy
Aug 22, 2010
It looks great, and it also looks harder than Kirby's epic yarn. I bought Kirby's epic yarn, and it is not something that I wish to clear 100% again. There seems to be a lot of new abilities and SUPER MOVES!!! but I have to admit, I thought that the next Kirby game wouldn't be a side-scrolling game. I thought that it would be kinda like Super Mario 64... I would like to see a Kirby game like that though! :)
Jan 3, 2009
Thank the gods. Epic Yarn was WAY too boring, so I'm looking forward to a TRUE return to Kirby platforming. Since this game is going to be made by HAL, I believe this is going to be the game that I've dreamed of since the GameCube days. It looks pretty sweet so far.
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Jul 4, 2010
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THIS... IS... AWESOME!! i was always hoping a kirby game for the wii like this would come out (don't get me wrong though, i LOVED epic yarn.) i'm definitely going to get it.

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