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Game Thread MS Paint Mafia U-Pick Edition [Day 5]

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
FTR I would have gladly voted lain if Cin Min had actually been around.

Lain probably deserved that win there anyways. I had too much bad stuff going on in my life during this game that I was pretty MIA. Sorry town.

Wish I could have gotten your mask when I targeted you though, that was a cool drawing. Lol.

GG mafia, y'all did well. And you too KoD.


Sharpshooter for Hire
ZD Legend
Jun 7, 2023
Lost in a maze
Well, good game. lain did good and was definitely not on my list for mafia. A bit bumpy game but it was good overall. Thank you Rag, for the game and the banger pictures you made. I look forward to more games like this.

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