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Monkeys in Majora's Mask

the walrus cat

the walrus who was a cat
May 12, 2009
So I'm sure many of you have read theories that the kokiris turned in to Monkeys in between OoT and Twilight Princess. However, is it possible that the Monkeys in Termina were originally Kokiris?
Possible evidence for this...
A) The monkeys reside in/near an area very similar to the lost woods, which is very comparable to the kokiri's habitat in Hyrule.
:cool: Time seems to pass quicker in Termina. This may be contrary to the gameplay mechanic's in OoT where a whole day is at least half as long, but we do see that Termina is more developed technologically. (just look at great bay temple and clock tower), meaning the transformation between kokiri and monkey happened sooner in Termina.
C)All of the major races in OoT Hyrule can also be found in Termina, except for the kokiri.
All of the above are in OoT's Hyrule except for the kokiri.


The Notorious M.O.P.
Mar 8, 2012
This is highly unlikely. Kokiris make only one appearance in the Zelda series, and that's in OoT. In The Wind Waker, it is stated that the Koroks were Kokiri though. Kokiri probably never existed in termina, and simply died out in Tp so I doubt that the monkeys were Kokiri. Besides, it is said that if Kokiri left the forest something bad would happen to them, they'd turn into Korks, probably, not monkeys.
Termina may be a parallel universe compared to ocarina of time, but most of what happened in majora's mask was based on ocarina of time, so both unvierses eventuall introduced monkeys after ganondorf was sealed away resulting in no more creatures forced to do his bidding and can live out their lives. I agree with all your possibilities because as time went by the sacred master sword pedestal could've been weakened like in the wind waker, so it was put in the lost woods to be guarded by skull kid, the two statues, and containg forest life unless skull kid decides to have some fun.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
you added Kokiri in the list of species that are in TP

OT, i very much doubt. i just thought they died or moved somewhere else and became part of the general populous


Sage of the Dark Forest
Mar 3, 2012
Deku Palace, Termina
TP has no great deku tree, and without him the Kokiri cant survive

I agree. I think that since the Deku tree was dead, the Kokiris slowly died after a few decades. I think the same happend to Navi. After the Deku tree died, she could only remain alive until her purpose was over. Once Link defeated Gannon, she left and went to the spiritual world.

However it is likely that I am wrong.


The Rational Theist
Apr 4, 2012
Twilight Princess takes place in the Child timeline. Zelda sent Link back to the time before he met her as a child. By that point, Link had already defeated Gohma and received the Kokiri Emerald, but he hadn't gotten the other Spiritual Stones. The Deku Tree was dead, but there was not yet a new Deku Tree Sprout. So the Sprout is never planted, and the Deku Tree dies. At some point, Humans enter the Lost Woods and begin building the Ordon Village.

The Kokiri retreat into the forest. There are three possible explanations for what happens to them. (1) They die out. (2) They change themselves into the Monkeys of Twilight Princess. (3) They become militant to protect their home and get tricked by the Skull Kid to become his puppets.

Options two and three are much more interesting, in my opinion.

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