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Megaman: Bass or Bass?

Bass or Bass?

  • Bass (like the fish)

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  • Bass ("base")

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Since you can't read pronunciation without context, I will elaborate. One bass is pronounced like the fish and the other as you would the word "base". Now, on to my question: How do you personally pronounce Bass's name in the Megaman series?

(note: this is not to spark a debate about the proper pronunciation of his name, but simply how you pronounce it)

I have always pronounced his name as one would the fish since that is how I first read the name. I don't play Megaman games very much, so I was not aware of the fact that his partner's name was Treble (or the fact that he had a partner) until somewhat recently. I do believe the pronunciation of "base" sounds better, but I will still read it and say it as bass (like the fish).


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
i always pronounced it as "base" i refused to think that my favorite game would throw in a cool lookin dude and name him after a fish, then was happy when i realized his partner was treble. i was into music as well, ntm megaman was always known for its music, so it all made sense to me

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