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Feb 24, 2010
I started reading manga recently, my favorite is a random relatively unknown series called Bitter Virgin, which, despite being rather unsettling and borderline disturbing, is incredibly well-written. I've also read some volumes of Death Note and Bleach. I tried reading Fruits Basket but I think I was reading a poorly translated copy or something because it made very little sense. Honestly, though, I tend to hunt down the anime if it exists. Manga can be difficult to read at times, and it isn't just the right-to-left thing. Panels cut through each other, speech bubbles overlap but aren't spoken by the same person, random words float through space.... it's nothing I can't handle, but it can be taxing.


Apr 18, 2010
I love manga!!:xd:
When I was 5, I started reading manga instead of those boring abc books. Now, it's became a very important part of my life. Love Naruto, Bleach, FMA, Tsubasa Chronicles, One Piece, Death Note,........
If oneday, manga and games disappear, maybe I'll die.

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