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Link to the Past

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Help. After I defeated Agahnim in the castle, I was transported to the tope of the pyramid. However, I had morphed into a bunny and I can't get my original form back. If I use the mirror, I turn into Link at the gate of the castle but then get morped back to the bunny on the pyramid. What can I do?


Sep 15, 2008
You've missed the Moon Pearl in the third dungeon, the one at the top of the mountain. Make you way back up there (in the light world) and go through the dungeon again. The big chest on the fourth floor contains the Moon Pearl, which makes you keep your original form in the Dark World.

Zeldadungeon.net have a walkthrough for this part here. <--clicky

Exactly, just to add something up, you forgot to mention: You have to drop from Moldorm's room, and you have to switch the locations of the holes both in the room where the Chest is and the room above that(the one with the fire thingies and the hardhat beetles)
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