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Let's make your least favorite Zelda game your favorite, and vice versa.


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Apr 7, 2019
Here's a game!
You need to come up with six things.
You need to add three of them them to your least favorite Zelda game to make it your favorite.

And three of them you add to your favorite game to make it your least favorite.

What things do you add?

I'll go first.

Favorite: Breath of the Wild.
I add:
1. Fi, but she has five mouths.
2. Replace all weapons with Boko Clubs that breaks the moment you put them in your inventory.
3. Blinx: The Time Sweeper artstyle.

All of a sudden I have a game that looks crap, with enemies impossible to progress in, and where I get interrupted every 5 seconds.


Least favorite: Spirit Tracks.

I add:
1. Fully explorable overworld that's gorgeous as heck.
2. Replace all dungeons with the best dungeons from TP, SS and OoT.
3. Have Zelda be fully playable.
Voila! Top-tier Zelda!

Your turn :)
Feb 7, 2014
Least favorite: Skyward Sword
1. Standard button and joystick controls
2. Twilight Princess artstyle
3. Groose is playable

I'll ruin my favorite when I figure out which one it is.


Shadi Smith
ZD Champion
May 4, 2012
Trump's America
favorite: wind waker
1. add more dungeons
2. expand the triforce quest a bit more
3. add more water to increase the distances b/w islands

least: oracle of seasons
1. get Din to be way more involved w/ the story
2. get rid of a few dungeons
3. change the graphics so its not just links awakening again


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Aug 16, 2019
Skyward sword:
1) motion control was annoying during Moldarach battle
2)Zelda was ugly
3)Visited the three realms over and over and over and over....
The LoZ,Zelda II
1) pioneer
2) comparatively larger world
3)"I'm an error" :P

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