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Latest Video Game Purchase

Bleh bleh double post but idc

Combed through my steam wishlist for stuff to buy with the remaining 15 dollars on my account since a lot of stuff is marked down for the sale. Decided to get Webbed (which I really wanted to get on Switch but its stupid expensive on there and never on sale, and its not a demanding game so it'll probably be fine). Also on a partial whim I got Celeste @The Dashing Darknut . That also was a game I was planning to eventually get on Switch; it goes on sale often, but I think I'd prefer having the steam achievements for it. Also not a demanding game so I think my laptop should be okay to run it.

Dunno when I'll get around to playing them but games have been acquired.


wild ride
Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3



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