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Jan 22, 2016
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@TheGreatCthulhu Got a metal question for you

Starting at 2:34, there's this call and response thing, the guitar then the lower pitched guitar. I'm wondering about the low pitched guitar stuff, I've heard it in other places and love it, this is the only one I can pull up rn, could you tell me what that low pitched playing is called and inject it directly into my veins thx

Oh, that's palm muting, which is pretty ubiquitous throughout most metal.

I did a whole blog post about it in my Art of Metal Guitar series. You basically take the karate chop portion of your hand and place it near the bridge, and strike the strings.

This causes the low end to fatten up and blossom, and the real art of metal rhythm guitar is playing around with muted vs. unmuted parts. Metal tends to have very emphatic rhythm, in that the accents are clear and distinct.

What really fattens up the guitar sound too is the bassist. The guitars on their own are quite thin sounding, so the drums and bass really add girth to the sound.


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