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Korra Updates-Season 2 spoilers ahead


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Nov 29, 2010
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BOOK 2: SPIRITS | [email protected]
Six months after Book 1, going to show short animatic of where the characters are. In the thick of animation and design and production, still a very far way to go, but lots of great concepts:

Opening of Book 2 in a festival in the sourthern water tribe, gentle snow falling, lanterns, circus games, A PAINTING OF A MUCH LARGER SOUTHERN WATER TRIBE!
Southern Water Tribe has a beautiful banquet hall made of ice
Great landscapes, storms, ominous rock formations
“Mysterious location they’re journeying to in this storm, with cool spooky lighting”, harkens back to the glow Aang’s ice burg had
Naga and Korra exploring the mysterious location
Twisted roots coming out of ice walls
Southern Air Temple all spruced up
Vistas, base of the mountain around the temple, very gentle, “misty kind of Chinese mountains”
Ancient air bender site
Explore the spirits, background, creation of the Avatar

Korra is very similar, longer sleeves, very... | [email protected]
Korra is very similar, longer sleeves, very athletic, Mandarin a-symmetrical top, looks a little meaner
Mako get’s a coat! Still has the scarf
Bolin has an AWESOME green parka
Asami takes over her fathers company, more business attire
STILL A BADASS THOUGH, Goggles, and updated racing leathers
Tenzin gets ANOTHER claok
BUMI BUMI BUMI HAS PINK EAR MUFFS, Kya will also appear, Bumi definitely has the same spirit as the old king. Bit of a pot belly since we last saw him
KYA! No dreds, has a half moon necklace, bit of a hippy, FAVORITE SONG IS SECRET TUNNEL, has a special bond with Jinora
The Avatar parents get an update, going to see more of Korra’s parents this season, Korra’s dad was thought of initially to be like a line backer physically
Flashback to Tahnrok in his early 20’s, shirtless XD
Tahnroks brother, “Unolok”??? will be appearing! Very posh, to bring up the relationship between the north and south tribes
His children, twins, kind of creepy, slouched shoulders
Verick???, Howard Hughes, little bit of a playboy guy, Captain of Industry, more humorous, great rapport with Bolin, VERY BRIGHT PURPLE CLOAK, Southern Water Tribe descent
Spirits! shadowy creature? Can’t even describe!
Animatic | [email protected]
Fancied up storyboard:

Probending! Fire Ferrets agains the —— Lions (missed it), Bolin giving pep talk…to TWO ENTIRELY NEW PLAYERS. Go down as the fastest knockout in probending history XD
Mako is on a fancy bike, chasing…waterbenders past a Wendy’s XD Intense chase scene, and he takes down the truck! “Looks like you had some car trouble, good thing the police are here.”
ASAMI FLYING A PLAN, Nearly bankrupt because of her father’s reputation, sounds confident, but sercretly worried
Pema being heckled by her three eldest and Korra riding around on air scooters, Korra goes into the Avatar state to win the race, Tenzin overhears, and scolds her
Naga barking, weird shadow spirit appears in the distance, attacks Korra, pins her down….fade out
Korra goes Avatar state to fight the creature, into the festival

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Interesting. :yes: Some of the new character concept art is very intriguing. Seeing Zuko prime and ready as an adult was very interesting to say the least. These spoilers really weren't anything major but I must say I'm a bit worried over this incessant mentioning of the avatar state. It seemed too rapidly introduced in season 1 and hopefully won't be overused in the next one.


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Dec 21, 2011
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Interesting to see the original gang! I just don't get how this has been approved for 4 seasons? Where is this going to lead. Is the next season going into the past to see what happened in the old avatar world? Is she going to see dead people? What exactly is happeneing? Who is the new antagonist? Is the series going to really stay good, or at least decent to the end of the 4th season? Or is it all going to ****? I love Korra, TLA more so, but Korra already has all the elements, has reached the avatar state, the only thing she has left is to return the bending to everyone. Now, We all know the last episodes were, meh. So The fact it got 4 seasons, when the original had 3, scares me somewhat. I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing a lot more filler.


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Jul 23, 2011
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After seeing the first season of Korra, I can't wait to see the second season! I wonder what's in store for Korra and friends. Seeing that picture of the original main cast of Avatar made me happy since I missed them so much! My friend Alex Portillo is a huge Avatar/Korra fan! I just wish he could see this right now! I'll show it to him in a couple of days! He's going to flip out in excitement! ^^ I can't wait for season two of The Legend of Korra! Whooooo! :P


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Jul 11, 2012
The old gang all grown up. One word EPIC I mean look at Zuko i'm so excited for this season one was awesome can't wait to see what they'll do this time.

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