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Jet Grind/Set Radio

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
I have been dying to play this series for quite a while, but I was unable with my Dreamcast being sold only a few months back. Luckily, my dad actually had Jet Set Radio Future on the XBOX. I played it for one hour, and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is fun and simple and tunes are very catchy. It's pretty much like a Cartoon Tony Hawk without skateboards and rollerblades and a pop culture feel. You do grinds and tricks, and race and challenge many other skaters.

It's a great series, despite there only being two in the series. Hopefully it will get another game.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
I have Jet Grind Radio on my Dreamcast. I think its fun for all the same reasons that you like JSRF. The only problem with it is that I suck at it. :P

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