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A Link Between Worlds Japanese Story Intro

Nov 26, 2008
I dig the artstyle as well, and I loved most of those pieces when the high-resolution versions were released online. I like how the intro has that diorama look to it though, with depth that probably looks awesome with the 3D on. As for translating it, I certainly can't but maybe Locke can. I shall poke him.


Jan 10, 2011
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I really love the Zelda intros that are depicted through 2D art. The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, the DS games, and Skyward Sword all did it, and they (the intros) were really memorable because of it, so I'm glad to see A Link Between Worlds continuing the trend.
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Nov 24, 2009
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I'm sure you can find an NoA translation that's much better than mine... I translated using the Furigana (so glad they use them for every single Kanji now) and Google Translate...
It's a low quality video and I wasn't able to read all the tiny Furigana, so there are quite a few gaps.

JapaneseRomanjiGoogle transliterationMy interpretation
Hairaruōkoku nite
Kataritsugareru densetsu
In Hyrule Kingdom
Legend to be handed down
There is a legend handed down within Hyrule Kingdom.
Harukanaru mukashi. . . Hairaru to iu
Ōkoku ni wa toraifōsu to yoba reru
Seinaru sankakkei ga arimashita
A long time ago and far. . . Of Hailar
It is referred to as the Tri-Force is the kingdom
There was a holy triangle
A very long time ago...
A holy triangle called the Triforce rested in Hyrule Kingdom.
Kami kara? Tta to iitsutae rare teru
Toraifōsu wa, fureta mono no? I o
? Eru to shinji rarete ori. . .
From God? It is tradition to have Tsu
Of those who touched Tri-Force? Stomach
? It is believed to obtain. . .
[much nonsense due to unreadable kanji]
[basically explains the legend of touching the triforce to grant your wish]
???[couldn't read this one]
Ōke wa susanda hairaruōkoku o? I
Nana-ri no kenja o? Me toraifōsu o
Seichi ni kakushimashita
The royal family? Hyrule the kingdom's hamstrung Well
? The wise men of seven people Triforce
I was hidden in the Holy Land
By order of the Royal Family of Hyrule Kingdom, the Seven Sages hid the Triforce in the Sacred Realm
[somebody check if "seichi" is the word usually used for the SR]
Oku-mei takai? ? No ganondorofu wa
Seichi no? ? O? Ki
Toraifōsu o sono-te ni shimashita
[not helpful, too many missing Kanji][loosely paraphrased due to missing Kanji]
Ganondorf saught access to the Sacred Realm to lay his hands on the Triforce.
Hairaru ga dai maō ganon no
Te ni ochiyou to ****a sonotoki. . .
Hailar is Great Satan Ganon
At that time you try to Ochiyo in hand. . .
Just when Hyrule was in the hands of the Great Demon King Ganon...
Ōjo no? Muhi ki ni yotte
Yūsha ga tachiagarimashita
[not helpful]The princess [summoned? found? guessing here] a hero [missing Kanji]
? ? Wa masutāsōdo to yoba reru
Densetsu no ken to to ma ni
Ganon ni tachimukaimashita
? ? I called Master Sword
To takes up the sword of legend
I was confronted Ganon
The hero took up the legendary Master Sword and confronted Ganon.
Yūsha to nana kenja wa chikara o awase
Ganon o fūin ****a to iwa reta imasu
Seven and the Sorcerer's hero joined forces
You are it was said to have sealed the Ganon
It is said that the Seven Sages and the hero joined forces to seal Ganon.
Ganon no fūin to tomoni toraifōsu wa
Mittsu ni wakare? Ri ni tsukimasu
Tri-Force along with the seal of the Ganon
And divided into three? I will arrive in ?
Along with Ganon's seal, the Triforce split into three parts.
Hitotsu wa dai maō ganon to tomoni. . .
Hitotsu wa hairaru ōke ni. . .
One with the Great Satan Ganon. . .
One in Hylian royal family. . .
One went to the Great Demon King Ganon...
One went to the Hylian royal family...
そして もう一つは勇者の心にSoshite mōhitotsu wa yūsha no kokoro niThe other is the heart of the heroAnd another went to the heart of the hero.
Kono densetsu wa? Mo hito? Ni
Kataritsuga rete imasu
This legend? Humans? To
Has been handed down
This legend has been passed down blah blah blah

So... is this supposed to be the Seal War of the Great Cataclysm? It doesn't sound like either... I guess it's the retconned version of the Decline Timeline's Seal War now that said war doesn't follow the canonical events of OoT.
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