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Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

Oct 26, 2008
There was only one annoying thing about the Water Temple, and that was a point that you mentioned in the initial post. I hate the fact you have to constantly change between the Iron Boots and Kokiri boots by pausing, finding the that menu screen then selecting the boots you wanted, before changing them again a few minutes later.

It would have been much quicker and easier if they had thought of what they had thought of for Twilight Princess, where you can equip the Iron Boots to an items button.

Outside of that, it's the fact that if you forget a key, you have to go back and keep changing the water levels which I just hated. However, I didn't blame for that, I blamed myself for failing to remember that I had to get three keys before I unlocked the first door.


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I can't really think of much in that temple that is annoying. I actually somewhat enjoy that temple, which is saying something seeing as how I hate water levels in games.
People always complain about have to press start to change the boots, but come on, it takes like 3 seconds to do. I was actually rotted in WW and TP when they were Items. I liked going into the equiptment menu and selection whatever it was that I needed.
And I'll admit that forgetting a key and having to change the water levels can be a little annoying though, but for me that's the worst part.

I always found the Forest and Fire Temples to be a lot more annoying (will not lie).
Jun 1, 2010
I never really had a problem with it. the Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask was much harder to me. And all you have to do for the Iron boots is keep the cursor on them. I much prefer them as equipment than an item anyway.


Jun 18, 2009
Somewhere over the rainbow
I have a love-hate relationship with the Water Temple. I mean, the boots-switch was annoying, but if you overlook all of that stuff, it was just a challenging temple. The first time I played through the Water Temple it stopped me for months. But when I finally figured it out, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. It's hard for me to say whether I love or hate this temple. When I'm in it, I hate it to death. When I'm not in it, I think it's an OK temple.


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
When you played it so many times I still find switching from Kokiri Boots to the Iron Boots annoying.Its been a year or two since I played it nothing else about the temple bothers me anymore,its only the Iron boots that still drive me crazy.


So far, I've found the water temple to be one of the easiest and one of the most entertaining temples. Aside from the mid-boss, I didn't have any difficulty finishing it. It really just takes some time and brain power to get it done, and it isn't the least bit frustrating or annoying.


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Aug 29, 2010
Atlanta, Ga
All of my friends who have played this before make out Water Temple to be the hardest dungeon in all of gaming (which it isn't). I really didn't find it all that hard. The only thing I found annoying about it was the constant switching of boots. Plus the boss for water temple was a complete joke. I found dark link (at first) harder than Morpha.


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Aug 29, 2010
Tower of Hera
I think Water Temple has a low replay value, and it gets a bad wrap for that. I don't recall feeling annoyed the first time I played it, but I don't exactly feel excited to go there when I replay OoT. It's true, the boot switching gets a little tedious, and, depending on how long it's been since I last played, I may have to do some backtracking. :( It's a pretty good candidate for using a walkthrough imo.


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Oct 25, 2009
Philippines, Manila
From the very first time i played the OoT and the very very first time i've entered in the water temple i admit it was HYPER annoying just imagine switching items all the time it makes me dizzy.

However if you enter to the water temple repeatedly (Always playing OoT), especially to the water lover quest. the word "annoying" will be vanished into your mind :D


The first time I played through OoT I broke the analog stick off of my 64 controller cause the water temple made me so mad.


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
It was a bit annoying with the iron boots obviously, and with having to play zelda's lullaby every time you want to change the water level. Couldn't there just be a switch? Other than that, no it was not annoying. I think they'll fix up the annoyance level of the water temple in the remake.

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