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Hyrule: Journey of the Legend (RP Thread)


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Pandora was shocked to see four Stalfos but they were not up and ready yet. She took out bombs and laced them carefully by the bones and they blew up. "Not so hard." she was ready to turn out when there was a shaking and she turned around. A large, black, Darknut had entered the room and she took her sword out and said, "Let's dance."

She threw her sword down and their swords collided. She did a forward roll to get behind him and slashed him three times. His armor fell off his back. She thrashed his sword and finally did a blow in front. She swerved under it and shield bashed him. She slashed him three more times and his armor fell off leaving him vulnerable. She slashed him but he blocked them all. He front kicked her knocking her off balance but she was too quick. She ran behind him and stabbed him in the back finally killing the enemy.

"One down two to go." she muttered.


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Sep 10, 2011
guy said:
I've given up ZD for now, do whatever you wish Storm.

(looks like I'm running the show)

Xerien and Greymalkin walk behind the group slowly

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