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How tall are you

How tall are you

  • less than 4ft6

  • 4ft7-4ft9

  • 4ft10-5ft

  • 5ft1-5ft3

  • 5ft4-5ft6

  • 5ft7-5ft9

  • 5ft10-6ft

  • 6ft1-6ft3

  • 6ft4-6ft6

  • Greater than 6ft7

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Jul 11, 2014
The Lost Woods
According to my mom I'm 5'2".5. According to my doctor I'm 5'1". Something tells me my mom was trying to spare my feelings.

My brothers get so mad whenever I ask them to get things off shelves for me, since they're only 5'10" or so and I think that's unimaginably tall, so of course they can reach things on that high shelf!


~ It's me, Dio!~
Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
6'1" and I need another inch to be one up on my dad!
I didn't reach my current height till I was 18 so it depends how old you are as to whether you might make it. I always had the same aspiration as you as a lad. I wanted to beat my dad. I managed to get an inch on him I'm 6ft3 and he is 6ft 2.


Freezing chill
Jan 8, 2015
I'm about 1.69 meters. I'm 16 years old, so I'm pretty happy with my height.. I was was second longest girl in my class in middle school.


May 18, 2013
5ft9 or around that is average male height in UK and US
5ft4 is around average female height in UK and US

If you are a female you are above average, if you are a dude then you are below average
Yeah, I'm a guy, I guess it doesn't show my gender for some reason.


What have I done?
Feb 15, 2015
Luna's heart.
I was a freaking shorty throughout Middle School and Highschool. Like I was the shortest of all of my friends. It wasn't until I turned 16 or 17 that I actually hit my growth spurt and now at 21 I'm 6'4" and the tallest of everyone i personally know.


For rent
Feb 16, 2015
5'8" 3/4's

I just round up to 5'9" (I wish my growth spurt would happen sooner >_>)

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