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Ultimate How Many Fighters Pass 2 Characters Will Be Third Party?

How many third party fighters in Fighters Pass 2?

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A Link In Time

Through the Unknown
ZD Legend
Back during the first fighters pass, I asked if all DLC fighters would be third party. Turns out, 4/5 were with Byleth being the sole first party rep.

So I'm curious about what the division between first and third party characters will be in the second fighters pass.

I personally think it will be majority third party once more but only 4/6 this time. A new Pokémon and another first party character will round out the roster.


All Might

Low-key Shade
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Feb 8, 2011
Five of them will be third party, and the last of them will be representative of Nintendo's very own fastest growing studio, MonolithSoft! Kosmos will step out of her cryo chamber and decimate the competition! -an announcement for Xenosaga Trilogy HD will follow soon after-
I'm thinking around four of them will be third party. Third party characters are expensive and Nintendo still needs to push their own IPs.

I can't imagine who the four third party characters would be (but one of them better be Milla) but I imagine the two possible first party characters may be Akira Howard and an ARMS rep, possibly Min Min.

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