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Twilight Princess Fixing Twilight Princess Via a Remake


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May 26, 2010
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The artificial intelligence (AI) of enemies in Twilight Princess is more advanced than that of enemies in The Wind Waker. Enemies react to defeated companions and to arrows or slingshot pellets that pass by. The AI can also detect Link from a longer distance than in previous games.
They should appeal on some level to those who are fond of the series; however, I’d like them to have entirely fresh surprises, too! Yet I’d also like them to have thrills that echo the past, so they have feelings like “I know this! I can do it!” and “Holy cow! This is how you brought it back for Twilight Princess? Awesome!”
I also focus on creating enemies that perfectly fit the environments. And here’s where the idea of what Twilight Princess’s style really is comes in. Some have misunderstood it as “photorealistic Zelda,” but it’s actually “realistic Zelda.” And by realism, we mean that it is really important that players get a very realistic sense that they’re deep in the game, which involves more effects than mere photorealism. This is more complicated than you might think when it comes to monster design. I try to be very careful to create monsters that enhance the sense and pacing of adventure in each phase of the game. For example, let’s say you’ve just beaten a small enemy. Later on, you should possibly meet with the same kind of foe but larger. If you continue to beat those, you should eventually meet up with a massive version of the creatures. This kind of progression helps create a storylike feeling, even when simply battling through levels.
All of these quotes tell me one thing: that TP's enemies were planned to be dangerous, yet still beatable. However, the foes were NOT dangerous in any capacity - and it wasn't because they dealt too much damage (although the damage:health ratio was abysmal, but more on that later). The thing is that the enemies a) do not attack very often and b) have only one or two methods of attack. See that Bulbin in the distance? He has a club, right? Well all he'll do is whack at you with it. He won't do a hard bash to knock you off guard. He won't jump around. He won't even defend himself*, just sit there and shuffle while waiting for his "turn" to attack in his normal abnormal manner. So what I'd fix with ZeldaTP is make the foes attack more often, have more attacks to keep things fresh, and generally be more dangerous/deal more damage.

*Do NOT make it like SS where all the enemies do is defend themselves. :)

Sources: http://www.zelda.com/universe/game/twilightprincess/inside10.jsp


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Jul 20, 2013
First of all, they should make the combat harder. But I mean HARD! Like 1 and 1/2 heart damage from Bokoblins. And they need to get ZREO to reorchestrate the music. That's all I want. Because other than that, the game is perfect.

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Mar 14, 2013
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I never know TP was broken. Well, actually, the story could be fixed. They tried too hard to make it dark, but they didn't succeed. They could try that aagain and make it happen.


May 18, 2013
While that would be good, it would make the Dominion Rod even less used as it is needed to get into the City in the Sky - which would be beautiful in HD.
They should either make the Dominion Rod more useful as it is, or make the game non-linear, the same could be said of all items.

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- make the game brighter. It tried too hard to be "grim and gritty" and it's just a bleak mess to look at nowadays. I have a lot of problems with WW, for instance, but at least that game FEELS upbeat and fun, instead of gloomy and dreary. It doesn't need to be that chipper, mind, but I WOULD like to see a more varied (and brighter) color pallet.
- make combat harder. No excuses, they should hit harder, faster, in more varied ways, etc. Make it exciting for us without having to rely on cheap Quick Time Ev- I mean Hidden Skills.
- Actually, on that note, take out the Hidden Skills. They just feel like cheap QTE's to me now. I derive no joy from pressing a button or two and having Link perform some flashy move while I twiddle around on my controller. Make it more like SS where my real-world actions more accurately correlate to what's happening on-screen.
- Make more and better use of the items. I mean, I did find it fun to screw around with the Spinner or Ball-and-chain every once in a while, but not having many instances where they're applicable made me lose interest in them. It feels a lot like ALttP where there are a ton of cool side items, but there aren't a lot of uses for them besides screwing around. I want to be forced to come up with alternative attack methods; once again, something I love about SS. There were so many times when I came across enemies that outright defied my normal attack methods (Technoblins come to mind firstly), which forced me to get creative with my items (e.g. I swapped out my sword for my slingshot and stunned them instead of facing them head-on). One thing to note on this: It can't be pointed out beforehand. I don't want the game to shove in my face "here are all the ways you can attack every single enemy", let ME figure that out, that's why I'm playing!
- Expand the regions of Faron Woods, Gerudo Desert, and particularly Snowpeak Mountain. Besides the dungeons, there wasn't much of note in these regions. There don't have to be towns per se, but don't make them straight shots to the dungeon. Put some other stuff in there for us to do, confound it!
- Give us the options of taking on Snowpeak Mansion and Temple of Time in whatever order we choose. I understand why City in the Sky was last, I don't begrudge that particular dungeon, but I don't see why the other two can't be left to us to complete in whatever order we desire.
- Something of a more positive note, for a change of pace. Remaster the original soundtrack to make it higher-fidelity. I really do like the soundtrack to TP, and I'd like to hear it upscaled.
- Make the intro shorter. This is a big issue for me every single time I try to replay the game; I have to muster the urge to sit through hours of intro before the game finally starts.
- Smaller note, but choose which control scheme you're gonna go with. I don't know what system it will be made on (WiiU, or a future system) but make the control scheme work for that remake. I have no grudges with the GC rendition, it worked pretty fantastic, but I take issue with the ham-fisted controls of the Wii version. Rework the game with that particular system's controls in mind, instead of slapping them on at the end.
- Get rid of the weird lip-flapping thing. This is something I also take issue with in SS; having the lips move without any actual words come out of their mouth is... unsettling, to say the least. Either go the full way and have voice-acting and sync the lips up to the speech like modern games, or take it out altogether and keep the lips still like previous games. I actually prefer the second method, I think it works better for Zelda; letting our imagination fill in the blanks for how we think they sound.

The big thing that I would fix - and I know they wouldn't do this because it would change everything about the game after a certain point - would be to leave Ganondorf out entirely. Looking back on it, he ruined TP for me. Zant is such a cooler and more memorable villain, and I would have been perfectly fine with having the finale of the game take place in the Palace of Twili, facing off against a deranged lunatic instead of a stereotypical badass.
Dec 9, 2012
To be honest, theres not a lot of stuff I would want to change except making the world a bit brighter.

Also, they can't change a lot of the things for it to stay true to the original. They can't do nonlinearity, and they can't expand regions. And they can't make the combat harder. There's still new players, is there not?


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Jun 14, 2010
There are some minimal changes that I'd like to see that could help fix TP. Of course not all of them can be addressed, or it would change the look and feel of the game altogether.
The most welcome change would be difficulty. Some of the enemies and bosses definitely felt like a breeze to go through. Other enemies being as smart and challenging as the Darknuts would be fantastic. To expand on this, having a Hero Mode option could give new challenge as well. It may be just what the game needs.
Master Quest would also be kinda cool and interesting, and small fixes like that annoying resetting Rupee counter would make things a little more bearable.

Oh and of course, improved graphics and textures is a given!


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Feb 28, 2010
New York
The ONLY problem I have with this entire game is the lighting. It is so ridiculously hard to see sometimes!

But that's a problem in a lot of games. I don't think this game needs a remake, seriously…. Just make new games, okay Nintendo? People are complaining so much about the problems in this game, when they could just be asking for a new game that fixes all of them.


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Oct 1, 2012
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My thoughts on remakes in general are these things.

1) The original game should be at least 10 years old before making a remake of it.

2) The remake should have a few new features to it (Easter eggs/Cameos, shop items, etc.)

3) The remake should have better graphics. With TP It could be brighter, and it could actually have color in it. That is why I don't like TP right now.
JC said:
One major addition in my opinion would be the Hidden Skills. They really enhanced combat in my opinion, I would even say TP was the pinnacle in terms of combat in this series - so why not add on to one of its most successful additions? Well there is one slight problem and that is that they make taking down enemies a lot easier, but with Hero Mode this could balance out somewhat, but I'd still like to some sort of challenge in obtaining such skills. Maybe you have to defeat a boss-type enemy, traverse through a hidden cave etc.
While it's unlikely Nintendo would allot a larger role to hidden skills in a Twilight Princess remake, it definitely would be fun for some portions of the game to require players to use Hidden Skills. This would address a long standing desire among the Zelda community. Rather than integrate it into the current game's content, an area, possibly a dungeon, compelling players to use hidden skills could be added. Not only would the shield bash be used in parrying like Skyward Sword, but other skills like the Great Spin Attack could enhance puzzles.

I think this makes more sense than completing a challenge to obtain the skills because additional content in remakes is typically added as an appendix to supplement the original game-none of it has to be completed to relive Twilight Princess as is.


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Mar 22, 2013
Make the cuccos dangerous again! I was so disappointed when I kept hitting one in Kakariko to make a great exit on Epona chased by a bunch of bloodthirsty birds, and all I got was becoming a cucco for five seconds flat. How is that an improvement?

Give us more occasions to use the Spinner! It's an amazing item which could be used throughout the second half of the game. Even in the other dungeons, as a way to move around (specially in the City of the Sky).

Like said before, add extra things to the overworld so it doesn't feel so empty, and expand the Desert and the Snow Peak. Even the Goron Mountain should be bigger, or at least not look like a straight corridor to the gorons. That was ok for OOT, but nowadays we should have so much more options.

Give some more use to the wolf! I enjoyed a lot collecting the tears, (breaking my way through Kakariko and scaring the hell out of everyone was delightful), but after being a wolf is optional we hardly get any more of these good wolf experiences.

And either show Ganondorf more, or take him away; as it is now, it looks like a last minute addition to make the game 20 minutes longer.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
I would do the following:

1) Make it harder, especially the dungeons, which had no atmosphere whatsoever
2) Make the NPCs less annoying
3) Midna would not allowed to speak, ever
4) NO ILIA WHATSOEVER, yes she is an NPC but she is special because she is the worst character ever
5) Less wolf business, more getting to play as Link
6) Make Hyrule less irritatingly different than OoT. What I mean is, yes it should be as big and beautiful as the TP overworld already is, but not transform it beyond recognition. Also, everyone complains this game is trying to be OoT, while I agree that it is they could at least try to retain some element of what was good about OoT and not take anything good out of it and leave us with crappy everything.
7) Make Ganondorf an actual threat or get rid of him entirely instead of him being a random add on to Zant right at the end of the game because seriously, what was up with that? Did they just run out of ideas or what?

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