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First Person Shooters


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I saw there's a similar thread to this already but it's from like 2013 so I'll ask again- what do you guys think of first person shooters? Do you enjoy them?
Personally, I haven't really played that many. I know they've become more prevalent in computer gaming recently. But the ones I have played I've been able to adjust to the playstyle fairly quickly. I appreciate it when it's a shooter style, if it's just first person and I'm attacking someone with a sword it can get difficult or distracting.


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Jun 22, 2016
no im not a fan of first person shooters...i cant deal with them they just confuse me...


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Jan 22, 2016
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There's great FPS games. I find I tend to dislike modern military shooters, mostly because around in the mid-00's that's what everyone was doing, which made the genre feel stale.

Especially since my first experience with FPS games were Quake, Wolfenstein, and Doom I & II.

Halo I think strikes a nice balance.

It just depends, really. Some are great, some are quite bad, and there's a bit of an art to making a great, balanced FPS game. One of the biggest things I look for in FPS games is the gunplay, which is dependent on sound design, good hit detection, and enemy reactions to being hit.

The worst finished FPS game is Aliens: Colonial Marines. I hate that FPS with a deep, fiery passion.

Contrast say, F.E.A.R., which is the polar opposite. One of the best FPS games ever made.

One of the big reasons is that F.E.A.R. has killer gunplay, to the point where you actually see the bullets plunge into your targets, and they react realistically.

I dunno, I can ramble about this for a long time. Point is, there's great FPS games, and there's bad ones, and I tend to prefer FPS games that have great gunplay.


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May 5, 2012
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haven't played too many, and I really only gave the call of duty games a shot b/c they were all the rage during the 7th generation

nowadays I'm pretty lukewarm to them


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Aug 1, 2012
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I act like I don’t like them but I buy Call of Duty and Destiny expansions every year.

I typically prefer FPS RPGs like Borderlands and Fallout for the most part but I do enjoy playing online multiplayer stuff like Halo and CoD from time to time.


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Jun 7, 2023
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I like them. Overall, I enjoy FPS's, but I am not an enthusiast. I am currently playing Quake. That game keeps you on your feet.
Halo is one of my favorite franchises of all time and my favorite FPS franchise by far. I especially love the first few games made by Bungie. I love the campaigns, the weapons, and the absolutely addicting multiplayer. I've never played another FPS that hooked me in quite the same way.

I enjoyed what I played of the first Bioshock as well, but I never beat it. I need to get around to completing the trilogy one of these days.


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Jul 31, 2010
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I'm with A Link in Time on this. Halo is up there with Zelda for me, so I don't have any problems with FPS games. I know competitive multiplayer is synonymous with the FPS genre, but that’s not something that I've ever really been into. I've dabbled in Halo multiplayer here and there, and while it's certainly fun, I associate Halo with the Master Chief and its storied co-op campaigns.

It's why I could never get into Call of Duty with its generic single player campaigns that were 2nd to its multiplayer offerings, which unfortunately became true of the genre as a whole. I used to love playing the Rainbow Six: Vegas games with my brother because they were so satisfying in co-op and for me personally, offered a richer and more grounded experience than the Call of Duty series. But now, Rainbow Six doesn't even have a campaign anymore.

Other than Halo though, which somehow fumbled co-op with its latest iteration, I find the Borderlands series to be a pretty consistent force for fun co-op FPS gameplay. But as far as single player games go, it takes a more special kind of game to grab my attention. Something with personality that's a game first and not just an excuse to ship a multiplayer mode to compete with Call of Duty.

While I may prefer my FPS games to be co-op, I can still enjoy Halo as a single player experience because the campaigns are inspired and the narrative is engaging. Also, there's just something really unique about Halo's gameplay and combat loop that makes it stand on its own amongst its competitors. Same with the latest DOOM revival which I've quite enjoyed for its fast paced and brutal combat that keeps you engaging in the action rather than hiding behind cover like most shooters.

I've also played the first Bioshock and while I wasn't exactly in love with it, it certainly had a ton of charm and atmosphere and to my surprise, felt very much like Borderlands in its gameplay and presentation. While it's not something I see myself revisiting, I am admittedly just trying to work my way through the series so I can play Bioshock: Infinite, which was the game that initially hooked me.

Which speaking of, I do have quite the backlog of FPS games that have stood out to me over the years that I haven't gotten to like Titanfall 2, Bulletstorm, the Far Cry series, Cyberpunk: 2077, and despite how I feel about games like it, Battlefield 1, which intrigued me for its World War 1 setting. Though, I have also played Battlefield: Hardline before, which I thought was pretty good for its change of pace from the typical militaristic stuff they usually do.


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Aug 16, 2019
Of course! I spent a fair chunk of my childhood playing MW2 mp with my friends. Tho I dislike the storyline of CoD games. I also like Overwatch 2

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