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Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

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Favorite Temple to beat

  • The Deku Tree

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  • Dodongo's Cavern

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  • Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly

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  • Forest Temple

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  • Fire Temple

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  • Water Temple

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  • Shadow Temple

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  • Spirit Temple

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  • Ganon's Castle

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Favorite Dungeon?

What was your favorite dungeon or mini dungeon in the game? I know some people might hate me for this, but I have to say the Water Temple is mine. the temple has a good level design( center room is like a hub and you gotta love the waterfall), good music, Dark Link, challenging puzzles, my favorite color is blue, and i just love water lol


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Now that I think about it (again lol), I think my favorite dungeon, at least for now, would be the Fire Temple (OoT v1.0). That chanting just made the dungeon so much cooler, and I really like the megaton hammer and how it is used in the dungeon. Plus, I got the idea of what a hero was whenever you save the Gorons from their cells! :D
Apr 12, 2011
Woops, I voted Spirit, but it's Forest.

The Forest Temple is first off, beautiful. I love how it actually seems like a temple/castle in the middle of the woods. And then you enter these rooms that are outdoor that look very pretty. The music is imo the best dungeon music in OoT. And then the temple just has a whole sense of darkness and mysteriousness with the winding rooms, puzzles, how certain rooms are much darker than other, then the Poes, and wallmasters. It's not an easy dungeon, but not too hard to where it isn't enjoyable. You get arguably the best and most fun and useful item in the game. Good combat with enemies and mini bosses, and then to top it off, one of the best most interesting and unique boss battles in the game. The whole ganon going in and outside of paintings, it was just a perfectly designed temple in every way. Flawless.


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Dec 24, 2010
I really love the Forest Temple, with its creepy vibe and music and all that. I LOVE it!


What Temple is the most fun (personally) to complete?
Nov 29, 2010
For me its the Spirit temple.
Its such a great temple.
It looks very nice its music is fabulous,the puzzles are to my liking.
And another thing is th fact you can do the Temple as both small and big link.


The Quiet Man

Haters gonna hate, but I like it for the very same reasons everybody hates it.

I like the last minutes of it, specially.

Did I mention that it just feels great to finish?

And, honestly, I did it just so it has at least one vote.
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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I really have to say the Spirit Temple was one of the more fun temples to beatt. For starters, it takes place over the course of child and adult Link.

In addition, the temple was quite large. It wasn't the largest in the game, but it was very detailed, especially with the mirror shield puzzles. The Spirit Temple is more of a final test of your puzzle knowledge than Ganon's Castle in my opinion; even though Ganon's Castle's puzzles were difficult, they were all separate. In the Spirit Temple, they're all mashed together, save for the puzzles involving the Lens of Truth.

Plus, save for Ganon's Castle, the Spirit Temple's boss was the only boss with a personality and her own sub-plot. I haven't played the Master Quest or OoT3D version, but the Spirit Temple was my favorite temple to beat.

(For some reason, though, I keep thinking the Spirit Temple's music is has traces of "Amazing Grace.")


I'd have to go with the Spirit Temple as well. I loved the overall atmosphere of it.

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