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Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.


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Dec 16, 2010
Whats your favorite music in Majoras mask? Mines Deku palace.It was a hard choice, the game has such great music.sorry if there's already a thread on this.




Oct 4, 2010
Well, my favorite is the Stone Tower Temple music. It is really cool, and I especially love its beat. :)
The song itself makes it a little bit mysterious and playful, which describes the situation of the Stone Tower Temple; mysterious and tricky.
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Aug 6, 2010
Stone Tower Temple hands down. Great rhythms, sweet melody, epic bass line, awesome harmonizing, and well defined chords. Stone Tower Temple is also my favorite dungeon in the game. Plus, I think that Majora's Mask has some of the best and most original music in the Zelda franchise.
Dec 23, 2010
1. Stone Temple Tower and Ikana Castle-the atmosphere melds amazingly well with the music in both stages. Ikana sounds regal. They tie as the best songs in the game. However, lets not leave out the greatness of the beginning of STT upside down, with that high pitch intro.

2. Clock Town-I like Day One, Day Two sounds sick, but with Day Three, I don't know how I feel about the main CT theme mixed with the dark bassline.

3. Don't forget Pirates Fortress!
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Dec 18, 2010
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Background Music:
1. Stone Tower (hands down)
2. Second Day Clock Town
3. Deku Palace

Ocarina Songs:
1. Song of Time (hands down)
2. Oath to Order
3. Elegy of Emptiness

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Sep 3, 2010
Whoa, that question is certainly one well worth pondering. Well, I’ve got a long list of themes from Majora’s Mask that I’d like to mention. So without further ado, here are my thoughts. My favorites are ordered from least favorite to favorite in that order.

10. Deku Palace

I can’t possibly think of a song as upbeat yet somewhat sinister as the Deku Palace theme. The horn plays the main melody at a rapid speed, thought not as quickly as Clock Town Day 3. Still, this song seems to be popular among the forumers and can easily get stuck in one’s head. Also, the quick and lively beat plays along well with the colorful Deku Palace and gives the area a different feel when compared to the rest of the Southern Swamp. Oftentimes I tend to be annoyed by the blaring music in the Deku Palace, but there must be a reason why it gets stuck in my head so often. Thus, I place it as my tenth favorite theme from the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

9. Snowhead Temple

Simplicity in music can sometimes create masterpieces. And sometimes it doesn’t. But in this case, it not only makes the Snowhead Temple theme feel icy and desolate, but also makes the player feel very at ease. Never before have I come across such a masterful piece, constructed by only a few simple notes, no less! Although many may not appreciate Snowhead Temple’s peaceful sound, I surely do. There’s a sort of serenity in the air when I listen to it. It’s not entirely sinister or intimidating, sometimes provoking questions about why such a tranquil song would be fitted together with one of the more difficult dungeons of the 3D Zeldas. Nevertheless, I still love it and will often revisit the fine dungeon of Snowhead just to listen to this play.

8. Ikana Valley

When Link first steps foot in the wondrous yet grim Ikana Valley, you get the feeling that something is watching you. This strange atmosphere we gamers feel is due to the loud yet surprisingly sound theme of the valley. What? No, you didn’t just hallucinate - I did in fact call Ikana Valley’s theme loud and quiet. But what do I mean by that? It’s rather simple, really. The large chorus that hums the melody seems intimidating and rather unsettling at first, but I felt a deeper meaning in the music. The loud, intimidating music only masks how beautiful it really is. That hidden beauty comes into full bloom when a voice similar to that of Romani’s (AKA Malon’s) begins singing its part. The theme is strange, granted, but it is perhaps one of Kondo’s greatest works. The ability to blend different sounds together so masterfully is one that only Kondo possesses, and that definitely comes forth in this piece.

7. Clock Town Day 3

Though I hardly had the pleasure of listening to this song on my copy of MM, I found myself playing the music over and over after I completed the game. Personally, I believe that the third version of the Clock Town is the greatest of the three. The first and second, of course, had slower tempos and didn’t quite emphasize the feeling of urgency as much as the third did. That is due to the fact that the Moon is far from touching down on Termina, but once the final day rears its ugly head, Clock Town displays its quickest and most sinister theme of all. The theme blends the original quirkiness of the Clock Town Day 1 theme with a sudden sense of urgency and a more sinister feel. A background effect in the song is also added: a bass piano that is played on the minor scale. This adds sort of an evil twist on the theme that wasn’t present in the first two. That, ultimately, is what separates this particular BGM from the other two and makes it my pick for the 7th best song from MM.

6. Majora’s Wrath Battle

What comes to mind when you think of Majora’s battle theme? Well, I think of pure, unfiltered evil. I chose the Majora’s Wrath song over Majora’s Mask and Majora’s Incarnation because it is, as I said about Clock Town Day 3, quick-paced and more sinister than the previous. There’s not much else to it, and it is indeed a fantastic theme to end with in the final battle. Always end the action in the game on a high note, and the BGM for Link’s epic battle with Majora’s final form is certainly a stunning way to do so.

5. Credits

Just like Ocarina of Time did before it, MM’s ending credits moved me in a way that I cannot describe. It’s unfathomable what wonders are at work when you hear and see the credits being played. Although OoT and TP’s ending credits and music were slightly more heartwarming than MM’s, I still thoroughly enjoyed the Indigo-go’s jazz music and Romani’s beautiful singing. I also really liked how scenes became unlocked according to which side quests you decided to complete. One can only get the full experience when the game is completed fully, and even though the credits music is fantastic, it still can’t make up for the blank screens that some are bound to see. Memorable songs from the game return in the credits as they usually do in 3D Zelda games, making listening to the credits song a bit like a trip down memory lane (a trip I savored).

4. Final Six Hours

The clock ticks down, and no longer do we feel a sense of urgency from the music (as we did in Clock Town Day 3). Only a select few chords are played slowly in Termina’s final moments. Hands down, the Final Six Hours song is the most beautiful and moving in the entire game, if not the entire Zelda franchise. This song is rather simple as well, but fits perfectly with the scenario. Personally, I think the music works best during the final moments of Anju and Kafei’s reunion. The ever-apparent sound of the clock tower ticking down the hours reverberates through my head every time I experience the final hours. The slow chords emphasize the feeling that there’s no hope left. It’s all quite sad, and the player can feel that sadness through the TV screen. The Finals Six Hours is truly a song like no other.

3. Song of Healing

I like the Song of Healing much in the same way I do the Final Six Hours. For me, the Song of Healing squeaks past because it’s just a more complex piece. Like most songs on this list, the Song of Healing is very simple (only requiring a single piano to play). It is indeed my favorite Zelda song to play on the piano, and also the Zelda song I play the most often on the piano (for good reason, too). The music seems as if its tempo shifts just a tad bit from time to time, only giving me the impression that it is that much more beautifully composed. The song is meant to cleanse and heal, and that is spoken through the music itself. Once again, Koji Kondo succeeds in rendering us all speechless with another stellar work of art.

2. Stone Tower Temple

Stone Tower Temple is near the top of my list and many other lists because, simply put, it’s ingenious. The melody is easy to play yet mesmerizing. The song’s mysteriousness only grows when the dungeon is flipped completely upside-down. The song consists of an instrument unknown to many ears, with special effects only possible through computer generation. A flute-sounding instrument plays the melody while a strange-sounding instrument and chorus add a second layer and third layer to the music. The theme is quizzical, adding onto that Zelda feel. Though the music itself is not very loud, but still works well with the enormity of the dungeon.

1. Great Bay Temple

What can I say? The Great Bay Temple’s theme had me hooked since the first time it played in the dungeon. The beat is reminiscent of a working factory, with clangs and clashes echoing throughout the song. The whole song has a very low tone and includes multiple bass instruments, though the melody’s instrument is unidentifiable. Much of the song consists of seemingly random sounds, but they all add up to one of the most brilliant BGMs in any Zelda game on any console. In short, the Great Bay Temple is my favorite song in the entire game because it’s flat out cool and mechanical-sounding, something that isn’t present in most Zelda songs.

Those are my thoughts, and I hope to see other forumers replying and tell us what their favorite songs from Majora’s Mask are.


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Jun 13, 2010
SkyView Temple
1 Oceanside Spider house for me its a bit creepy but I love getting the Giant Wallet just so I can listen to it.:cool:

2 Majora's Mask Final excellant music love it:clap:

3 Clock Town really catchy can't get enough of it.;)

4 Woodfall Temple same reason as Clock Town.:yes:


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Aug 15, 2010
Milford center
Thank you for starting this thread!

Heres my list:

1. Termina Field :triforce:
2.Guru-Gurus song a.k.a the song of storms in OoT
3. Song of Time :triforce:
4.Song of Healing :)
Nov 30, 2010
Seattle Washington
oh man. the song of healing is my favorite. its the first real music you actually hear, and it really is soothing i think. also just the place you find it in, that waterwheel, all the moss... amazing. truly amazing.


So much amazing music in MM, hard to really pick but

Clocktower Theme (fleshed out Song of Healing) is outstanding, not a big fan of the Happy Mask Salesman theme though

Final Hours and Clock Town 3rd Day are great and completely change the mood of Clock Town

The Four Giants Theme and Oath to Order (pretty much any piece of music to do with the Giants)

and the whole Ikana area, so the Canyon Theme, Stone Tower, and Ikana Castle are creepy and mysterious
Jan 1, 2011
My favourite Soundtracks in Majora's Mask is, The Deku Palace, and The Stone Tower Temple theme. I loved the Deku Palace because it was a fun tune to tap you foot with. The Stone Tower Temple, with the Temple being all twisty and all hard-ish, the Song sort of fit's with it. Werid Temple, with a calming soundtrack. ;)


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Jun 8, 2009
wow there's so much good music, a few I like first to last would be:

the Astral Observatory music
the Song of Healing
the Deku Palace music
and strangly I loved how when you go into the Laundry Pool the music gets quieter, it's not really a new song but it gives the area this calm sense of separation from the rest of Clock Town and is one of my favorite spots in the whole game.


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Dec 31, 2010
Stone Tower and Deku Palace.
Also Pirates Fortress is seriosly underated.

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