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Favorite Little Moments

May 4, 2014
Some of your favorite little moments

TLoZ-draining the lake to the entrance of the 7th dungeon,
hearing the old lady saying "Boy! Your rich!"

AoL-getting into Hidden Kasuto and climbing up the chimney,
finding the knights in Mido and Darunia
rescuing the kidnapped child on the island maze...where does Link put the poor kid?
traveling through old Kasuto and finding that one hidden message...sadly in all the years I've played it, I've never gone all the way through old Kasuto. I'm gonna do it this time though

Minish Cap-seeing the book How to Like Your Like-like a Good Guide to a Bad Pet, cracks me up
listening to Ezlo

OoA-watching the Tokay eat the ember seeds was sweet sweet vengeance
OoS-the pirates getting sea sick is so funny! they don't even have stomachs so how can they get sea sick?

TP-can I call you...doggy?
the little goron in castle town who makes that hilarious face and says "I must man the shop"
watching that guy get chased by bees in ordon
talking to midna and listening to her get grossed out over the giant bug and frog battles

SS-when Groose falls on you, and starts freakin out. he sounds like a gorilla lol
watching Girahim go through any of his crazy little speeches
the tentacles and the water coming up through the sinking ship...at least till I saw what the boss looked like. boo. still an epic moment though

Ocarina of Time-watching darunia dance is priceless
the goron hug scene
poor link's face when princess-pain-in-the-ass decides he's gonna be her fiance' poor link, maybe he shoulda told her he was engaged to the maku tree and then gone back and told the tree he was engaged to a zora princess. as long as he goes far enough in land they shouldn't bother him XD

LADX-various photography moments, especially Game Over, Link Plays With Bow Wow, Link and Marin on the cliff and at the rooster statue and the one where the guy falls over
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Jan 13, 2015
An Attack Roflcopter
Favorite moment of TP:

The whole introduction to Midna. :3

Link basically powerless to a Lil imp.

Another would be her using the 3 Fused Shadow. Her slamming against the wall due to the OVER NINE THOUSAND- power she had to control I found funny.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
After Links grandmother gives him the Hero's clothes and he's still in the item get position afterwards. Loved that part.
Sep 21, 2014
OoT- The very first time you're grabbed by a Dead Hand…
LA- Marin grabbing the TRENDY GAME guy with the claw.
MM- The first time you see Skull Kid hovering, mostly silhouetted, eyes glowing menacingly.
TP- Colin pushing Beth out of the way/ King Bulblin opening his visor and the Bomb Shop guy shutting his welding mask.
SS- Asking Impa "Am I late?" like the smarmasaurus that I am.
LoZ- Watching Manhandla go ape-crackers the first time I encountered him, thought a bomb would be a good idea, and took only 3 of his 4 heads.
AoL- Not really a gameplay moment, but finding the illustration of Thunderbird looming over Link. One of my favorite pieces of artwork in existence.
LttP- Start of the fight with Blind.

that's all for now.


The Diplomatic Dinosaur
Jul 1, 2012
Early Cretaceous North America
This part was creepy as hell but it adds to Ghirahim's "charm".

So many great moments with Groose.
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