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Favorite(least) School Subject


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
I have to say my least favorite would be Math.
My Favorite would be Science I always understand that class and never have problems in it.


Feb 24, 2010
Why do so many people dislike math and numbers? When I first attended college as a Computer Science Major, I was never a Math major at the time. After taking a few Calculus classes and doing research into what I want to do for a living, I've decided to get Math minor at the very least. Then looking at the number of credits between a Math minor and a Math major (noting Computer Science and Math majors share a lot of credits), there was only a 7 credit difference. So I changed my major to Computer Science and Mathematics.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
My least favorite subject is History. It's so...boring. I don't like it. Maybe that's because our history in Quebec is really dull or something else. But anyway. I had the choice to pick this subject again this year, but I didn't choose it. :)

My favorite is probably... English (as a second language), or Maths. But I don't know, Maths is just a bit too hard for me this year. :S And I don't like my current teacher... and I don't like my English teacher neither...

Dark Princess

Weeaboo :D
Jun 11, 2009
Horrid, Ohio
Both Physical Science and English. I hate the math that we have to do in Physical Science (yet I like my algebra class.. >_>). I'm not good at remembering the formulas at all. >_< And I would like English if the teacher didn't make us read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. That book ruined that class for me..forever.. ;-;


My favorite subject would have to be psychology. I would hope so since that is what I am majoring in. I've always been really passionate about the subject.

My least favorite subject is writing. I love writing, honestly, but I don't like having to read books that I find uninteresting and write about subject matter that I find uninteresting. So end result, writing is awesome, writing/english class sucks.


King of Twilight
Feb 7, 2010
Palace of Twilight
Favorite= Math
Least Favorite= Social Studies, I mean really why do we have to learn this crap when will it help us in life becides never. It's only fun if the things your learning are interesting..


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I'm having trouble picking between History and English as my favorite classes. I liked Psychology and Latin as well, though they weren't my favorites.

The only class I've never liked is Math, because just reading and understanding the material enough to have an idea of what's going on isn't enough. You have to strain yourself over it, and carefully reason over every little detail. There's also no room for opinion or self-expression... there's only one way to do it, and only one way to write it. I also find it annoying because I'm expected to show my work... I can often come up with a correct answer but struggle writing concrete explanation of how I came up with it. Basically, it feels like I have to put a lot more effort into math than into other classes, and get a lot less back out of it than other classes despite that.
Mine would of had been Algebra. Oh how I hated that class.
↑ I used spend my time in algebra talking about Zelda. :lol: I’m serious.

Yeah, so I’d say Science is my favorite subject. There are so many different sciences, and I understand and enjoy being in science class.

My least favorite? Well, it’s typically Social Studies/History, but this year it’s English. My teacher this year is kind of mean to me and doesn’t recognize my writing talents like my previous English teachers…


Dec 13, 2009
São Paulo
This year, specially this year, chemistry seems to be really bad... And the teacher... Well, at least our "Chemistry II" teacher seems high all the time. He surely takes something else than just breakfast before coming to class.

Apparently this is a common fact in my new school, for the "Math II" has the most fun/bizzare yet inteligent teacher I've ever had. Have you ever had a teacher who suddenly starts talking to triangles and forgets about the subject he's supposed to teach?

Oh, and my favorite subject would surely be History. Or Geography... Both have great teachers and nice stuff to learn. Useful, at least.
Jan 8, 2009
My favorite subject is science, specifically Biology and Chemistry. My second favorite would be Mathematics and my least favorite is...English. :yuck:


Gamer since age 2
Jan 18, 2009
in my house
Science, English or French. Normally I would hate English, but this year we're doing some pretty cool stuff in English. I have always loved Science. Because I am good at it, and I just like it. French is just plain awesome, no doubt.

My least favorite subject would easily have to be History. There's just so much to learn.

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