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Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

Dec 28, 2016
favorites: ancient cistern, arbiter's ground, city of the skies, dragon roost cavern, spirit temple

least favorites: a very clear number one: all the devine beasts, none of them or even worth being called dungeons but they should be that for BotW
great bay temple, woodfall temple, inside jabu jabu's belly, lanayru mining facility, level 6 of the original LoZ
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Mar 8, 2017
mY TOP 5 Worst Dungeons:
Number 1. The Temple of the Ocean King(Having to revisit it SEVERAL Times; and having to redo every single puzzle; wasting time redoing things you've already done on previous visits because it resets EVERY SINGLE ****ING TIME)
2. Water Temple(OOT): Do I Really need to say more about this
3. Yiga Clan's Hideout(BOTW)
4. The Bland Uninteresting Divine Beasts(they all have the same aesthetic design; same wall textures, same colors inside, etc)
5. Bottom of the Well(OOT) [Due to the blood and torture chamber. . .]

So What do you guys think is the Worst Zelda Dungeon ever; The Temple of the Ocean king from Phantom Hourglass; or The Water Temple from Ocarina of Time?


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Feb 18, 2010
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So What do you guys think is the Worst Zelda Dungeon ever; The Temple of the Ocean king from Phantom Hourglass; or The Water Temple from Ocarina of Time?

Double posts earn bans so might be wiser to edit the two posts into one and we all know Ocean king Temple is just hell. No one likes repeating dungeon therapy
Jul 7, 2014

- Ancient Cistern (SS)
- Arbiter's Grounds (TP)
- Forest Temple (OoT)
- Sandship (SS)
- Snowpeak Ruins (TP)

Least Favorite:

- Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoT)
- Forbidden Fortress (WW)
- Palace of Twilight (TP)
- Ganon's Castle (OoT)
- Ganon's Tower (WW)
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My favorites are:
Every dungeon from MM, even great bay.
Spirit temple (Oot)
Dungeon 7 (LoZ)
arbiters grounds (TP)
Snowpeak ruins (TP)
Goron mines (TP)
Thieves Town (LttP)
Earth Temple (WW)
Most dungeons (SS)

As for my least favorites:
Jabu Jabus belly (OoT and OoA)
Water temple (OoT)
Lakebed temple (TP)
City in the sky(TP)
Wind Temple (WW)
Sky keep (SS)
Most 2D dungeons

Despite being my least favorite Zelda game overall, I will admit that twilight princess had some of the best dungeons in the series, second only to Majoras Mask. However it also has some of the worst dungeons in the series too. I still think I prefer it’s dungeons to windwakers though. That’s one of the only things that I think twilight princess did better than windwaker.


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Apr 8, 2019
Stone Tower Temple. Flipping the thing upside-down frickin' blew my mind as a kid. It's such a cool idea!! Like you see all these upside down chests in the temple and is like why ?? And then you shoot the arrow and then .. BOOM. SO epic! And the Twinmold boss (Not in the 3DS remake, they ruined it there :( ) with the Giant's Mask ... It's the definition of mindblower that still wows me to this day!


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Jan 22, 2016
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Very much a dude.

-Shadow Temple (OoT)
-Ancient Cistern (SS)
-Stone Tower Temple (MM)
-Lanayru Sandship (SS)

And I'm going to be a contrarian to some people, I like the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild. Physically manipulating the dungeon itself to solve puzzles was awesome.

Least Favorite:

Only one, the Temple of the Ocean King. **** that temple.

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My favorite dungeon in the series is probably Stone Tower.

The tower predates the Ikana Kingdom and is a remainder of Termina's past -
what it tells us is the ancient people weren't very fond of their gods. The Tower is full of crude and blasphemous imagery. I very much enjoy the the theory that the temple is the Terminian equivalent to the Tower of Babel from Biblical legend.

The theme of this temple is twofold, light, and acension. Light plays an instrumental role throughout. Link must reflect the light using the mirror shield, and the light arrow. The tower is a large structure spanning high into the sky. But eventually Link must flip the entire dungeon so that he has literally ascended. The sky is below him, he is higher than the sky. This seems to have been the goal of this temple, to reach the heavens.

I thought the mechanic of flipping the tower was so cool.


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Aug 16, 2019
My favourite dungeons are Fire sanctuary, Skyview temple, Temple of time and Snow peak ruins
Fire Sanctuary
Whenever I felt alone I always had a little chat with Random mogmas there. I also liked battling the cursed Lizalfos, Moldorms, and the fiery-lava hand thingies. So we notice that this dungeon provides a very different array of enemies. Goddess walls kept me stacked throughout my journey. I also appreciated the fact that the dungeon was a series of intrinsic rock cavern connected through bridges built high over a river of lava.
Skyview temple
It was a beautiful dungeon! (Excluding the path through which you enter the central room). I also got my favourite gear-beetle in that dungeon.
Temple of time
It's design is the aspect which impressed me the most. It looked like a castle. Dominion rod was a great item.
Snow peak ruins
Like Mogmas in Fire Sanctuary, I enjoyed the company of the Yeti couple. Chillos was a great foe to battle with. The box puzzle kept me busy for 3 days!
Also I liked the design of this dungeon.

Arbiters' ground
Arbiters' ground is my least favourite dungeon so far. The dark settings didn't really help, the sink sands were annoying and the ghoul rats really pissed me off...I didn't realise they were there for 15 minutes!. But the boss fight was pretty decent tbh.


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Dec 9, 2019
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Least Favorite Dungeon for me would have to be the Water Temple in OOT
Dec 29, 2019
I happened to love the death out of Great Bay, and I don't rven remember if this is on my old list on here, but I loved it. Gyorg did suck, tho
Gyorg's easy enough if you actually bother to learn the Zora Link swim controls and fight aggressively using the electroshield. And if you're willing to be a bit slower, standing on the central platform sniping at him with the bow turns the fight into almost as big of a joke as standing in the corner to fight Morpha.

My least favorites are:
* Jabu Jabu's Belly (Oracle of Ages) - Change the water level too early at one point? Hope you didn't save, else you can kiss completing the dungeon goodbye! Have fun starting the whole game over!
* Eagle's Tower - have to save and quit and forgot to throw the wrecking ball down a pit? Oops, you're stuck thanks to a bug!
* The Wind Fish's Egg - The library can glitch and not let you read the route. A lesser example since this glitch doesn't seem to be common, but still.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I find my progress being invalidated by glitches and oversights to be the absolute most obnoxious thing a dungeon can do.

Dishonorable mention (since it's not really a dungeon): The Sealed Grounds. Freaking Imprisoned... Especially since SS introducing Stamina makes it extra-cheap, and that seems to have been the main reason [i[for[/i] the stamina mechanic: Making the Imprisoned an extra-cheap PITA.

Dishonorable mention #2: Any dungeon where you're having to contend with the external obstacle of parents trying to limit your screentime.

Going to have to give some more thoughts to my favorites..

Regarding the Ocarina of Time Water Temple... I always see people whinging about the Iron Boots, the keys, and the water level manipulation, none of which I've ever really been bothered by. But I never seem to see people talking about the one part that does grate on me: The ramp leading up to the boss door.

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