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Favorite Character in Ss?

Feb 23, 2011
Aside from the main characters Link and Zelda who are favorites by default; and Groose, Impa, etc., there are NPCs who I thought I should mention. Besides, I think I've said enough about the main characters in several other threads... /lazy

Pipit is my favorite NPC in Skyward Sword. I must say, his chivalry was very contagious. lol It's also funny how he contrasts with his mom.

Pipit is tied with Jakamar. He's incredibly eccentric, in my opinion, as he's a "Mr. Fixit" and a romantic all-in-one. That's a unique combination for an NPC, if you ask me. His Elvis-like gestures were also a laugh riot, especially the way he says "Thank you!." He reminds me of one of my brother's friends who died recently both - in appearance and personality.
Dec 27, 2011
I have a top four: Ghirahim (so FABULOUS and creepy and just awesome), Groose (Look at his hair!), Machi (so cute!), and Link (his emotions blew me away).


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Feb 8, 2011
I'll have to give this award to Fi, believe it or not. Robotic as she was, Fi was also multi-talented. For crying out loud, she sang when you played the harp at times, and even danced! This brought out emotions that affected me differently than the rest of the characters. Could those sentiments be love? Undoubtedly. But I'd have to contend with a robot whose circuits are half-fried before I obtain her unswerving attention. :kawaii:
Dec 19, 2011
Ghirahim, I love his personality! He just really stood out from everyone one else in the story, and how could you not love the fabulous Ghirahim??!! xD
Jan 20, 2012
I think this game had the most creative, and best characters in the whole franchise.
Ghirahim is hilarious, i've began to wonder if he has a little bit of bipolar disorder.. He's definately an interesting fellow.
Zelda has a personality for once! I think she's adorable in this game, and she's so loving and calm.
Beedle cracks me up. I love how he's secretly irish, or something. Also, when you don't buy anything and he kicks you out of his shop is funny too.
Groose is also funny, he seems so cocky & obnoxious, until you realize how he really feels, and see his inner personality. Also, his groosenator is cool to. :)
Link is so strong, and brave. One thing i loved about his personality in SS is you can actually see & feel his emotion. He dosen't seem have as hard of an exterior as the other games.

To answer your question, my favorites are Zelda, Link, and Ghirahim. However, if i could only have one, it would be Link. It will always be Link.
Jan 4, 2012
Ghirahim was amazing for sure, but mine was Sparrot the fortune teller. Its impossible not to feel sympathy for this guy when he breaks the crystal ball, He's even more likeable because all of his fortunes are spot on, yet the first time you go to him he hints that he is not always reliable; I thought that was kinda cute. :P The voice on this guy is hilarious too, I can't not laugh everytime I hear it hahaha. He's just an overall kind character and seems to be the kindest one at the Bazaar.

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