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Game Thread Everything is Backwards!

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Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Role PMs:
Hi there! Or bye-bye. Hi is bye. Saying bye is to say hi. Up is down, down is up, right and left and a peanut butter sandwich.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, right, your role.

Well, you’re a townie! In fact, you are a Nurse. You treat people. But, the people you’re treating are actually bad. So you should poison them instead, k? You can poison someone every night and they will die the following night.

Should you ever feel the need to fakeclaim, you can claim to be a Nurse. Because, I mean, you are. You can lie and say you actually are a good nurse and treat people instead of killing them, though. You know, if you want.

There are two other innocent townies in this game. Funnier6 the Detective (Tracker/Watcher) and DekuNut the Cab Driver (basically just a boring ol’ vanilla dude). DekNut will be the first one to receive your ability to poison if you die. If he dies though, your ability will then go to funnier6. If he dies then, well, that probably means you’re all dead and that would be a loss. So try not to die, k? Don’t worry though, Nurse is a job that demands respect and so you can’t be killed during your work day. That would just be cruel.

Anyway, there is a group of people in the city who are out to get you for some reason. Nine of them, to be exact. Your goal is to at least match their numbers to your own, or get to a state at which nothing could prevent that from happening.

You can chat with the Detective and the Cab Driver at any time if you wish, over Discord.
Hi there! Or do I mean bye? Eh, forwards is backwards, I like my popcorn ceiling, Ex isn’t cute, it don’t matter. Or it does matter? If it does matter that means it doesn’t matter?

As if that matters (it does). You’re just here for a role PM!

You’re the Detective. You are a valued member of society, and therefore you are an innocent townie! However, there is an evil group of 9 people in the city, and while Ragnarokio, the Nurse, is discreetly killing them by injecting them with lethal poisons, your job is to detect… or investigate, I guess, their antics during your normal work day. That is how you will spend your day. Being creepy and watching people. Or tracking them, I mean you’re pretty good at either one. If you watch people, you get to spy on them and see who visits them during the day. If you track them you can follow them to see who they visit, if anyone. I am sorry to say though, the economy is crashing and you’re about to be laid off. You only have three more work days available to you. The nice thing is, though, you get to choose your schedule, meaning you can work on whichever three days you want!

The nine bad guys are out to get you. I don’t know why, they just are. You will not be satisfied until your pleasant alliance with the Nurse, and some random Cab Driver (DekuNut), is at least able to nearly outnumber the bad guys. In reality, all you have to do is tie, or get the game to a state in which that would not be preventable.
Hi! I mean, uhh, farewell. Get it? Cuz everything’s forwards! I mean backwards. Hi I’m Olze Wollem. I mean Mellow Ezlo. I mean… what is life? Have you ever wondered that? Like, seriously, wtf is life?

So I guess you want a role, huh. Well, you’re an innocent Cab Driver. What do you do exactly? Well, your job is the least most important useless job of them all. Doesn’t that sound like so much unfun? Yeah, I thought so! Anyway, friend, you don’t really have any powers. You do have an alliance, though, with Ragnarokio the Nurse and funnier6 the Detective! The Nurse can poison people. Isn’t that fun? And, to make it better, if he dies, you’ll be able to poison people from then on! Yeah, awesome.

But until then you can’t really do much. I mean you can talk during the night, and cast votes, but during the work day you’re just a regular ol’ cab driver. Your goal is to reach parity with the bad guys, or get the game to a state at which nothing can prevent that.

You just so happen to be in a Discord server with the other members of your alliance though! You can chat with them whenever you please in a secret channel at the game’s hub using the following link.
Johnny Sooshi:
Toodles! I mean noodles! I mean hey, uh, how’s it not goin? You having a bad time? Me too! So that’s good. Anyway, I hate you. But I like you. It’s a like-hate thing, you get me? Maybe not. You like noodles? I don’t like noodles. I eat them not a lot because they’re so damn not amazingly terribly deliciously bad. Makes sense right?

Anyway, your role of course has everything to do with noodles, obviously. You are one of the bad guys, come to the city to overthrow the few good guys left. You are a Passive Jack-in-the-Box. You are passive…ly active, which means you have a small list of abilities you can use during the day. They are as follows:
  • 1x Truth Detector, which you can use to determine if something someone said in the thread is a lie. You may not use this ability on statements such as “I am town” or “I am mafia”.
  • 1x Poisoner, which you can use to protect someone. Yes, backwards I know.
  • 1x Investigator, which you can use to either Voyeur or Follow someone. If the former, you will learn what actions were taken on that player, but not who performed them. If the latter, you will learn what action that player made, but not who received it.
Your goal is to eliminate the city of the only good guys remaining. You and the other bad guys will win once they are all gone.
Hi-bye hot-cold stay-go, you know you don’t know, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, this is a mafia game. And guess what. You’re in it. Isn’t that neat? Yeah, I thought so too.

You scummy-scum-scum. You’re one of the bad guys aren’t you? Come to overthrow the few good people who are left in the city? That’s cold. You’re cold. Jk you’re hot, come home with me.

I mean, um, sorry not sorry. Your role. You must be wanting your role! Well, you are an Active Jack-in-the-Box. That means you are active. Actively passive, that is. Yeah, sorry to say but you have no control over your daytime abilities. That’s just the way it goes, I didn’t make the rules!

Anyway, your abilities! I didn’t forget, I swear. See, they’re right here!
  • 1x kill immunity, 1x investigation immunity, 1x hated. The hated modifier will automatically apply to you once your other two abilities have been used up. You will not be informed when your abilities have been used up. Hated, just so you are aware, means you will take one less vote to be lynched than the other players. But let’s be real, you probably won’t get to that point. Or maybe you will, idk what’s gonna happen.
Your goal, fo shizzle, is to completely overthrow the good guys. Therefore, that group must be completely eliminated for you to win with the other bad guys.
Morbid Minish:
Salutations! How are you? I am good. Are you good? I hope you’re good. Do you like Mafia? I sure do. Are you here to play in my game? Wow, me too! Well not actually, I’m the host. But I want to play. Can I play?

Ah who am I kidding, I wouldn’t last through the first day.

But for realzies, buddy, how tf are you doin man? Are you still suicidal? I hope not, that’s not good!

Hmm… yep, I checked. You are, in fact, still the Suicide Gunner. That’s so sad! What’s wrong? Anything you wanna talk about? I know you joined that large gang of bad guys, is that what’s on your mind? You’re part of a gang that was created to eliminate the few good people left in the city. Hopefully that’s not what’s bothering you, seeing as you’ll be in this group all game.

Anyway, I guess I can help make your job easier! If you want a chance to eliminate one of the good guys yourself, you can take a shot during the day! Just fire randomly, there’s a chance it’ll hit one of them. A small chance, mind you. And if you miss, which you have a roughly 66% chance of doing so, you will kill yourself instead out of shame. I’m so sorry, I wish I could help you. But hey, at least the 33% chance of hitting a random member of the opposing group makes it worth it, yeah?

Your ultimate goal is to help the rest of the bad guys eliminate the good guys. You gotta get rid of them all to win. Good luck!
Hey. Ya like jazz? I like jazz. I also like mafia games. And you’re in one. Or are you?

Yeah, you are.

Would you like a role? I think you would. Here, you can have one!

You are a member of a gang of bad guys that has come to terrorize the city. You are a Lyncher, which is not what you might think it is. Once during the game, you can use your ability on someone, which will give that player lynch immunity for the night phase during which you use it or the night phase following the day phase should you choose to use it then instead. Basically, if you see someone about to be lynched who you trust, you can stop it! All votes on that player will disappear and they will not be able to receive votes for the remainder of that night phase. Neat, huh!

Your goal is to work together with the bad guys to eliminate the good guys. Don’t worry, there aren’t many of them, and all you have to do is make sure there are none left! Simple enough, yeah?
Ahoy! Or, I guess I should be saying adios. So, bye, I guess.

But this is sad, we only just met! Can I at least buy you a drink first?

Thanks. Drinks are on me using your credit card. Better thank me for this really nice thing I just did.

Oh hey, wait, I guess that’s not a huge deal for you! I mean, after all, you are a Philanthropist. But not a good philanthropist. You’re a bad philanthropist! You are a member of a gang of bad guys that has come to terrorize the city, golly gosh! There are only a few good people left, and you’re here to make sure they all disappear. Shame on you, shame on you.

Oh, I guess you’re probably wondering what your philanthropic antics allow you to do? Well, you have some neat abilities at your disposal! Which you cannot use. You’re too good for that. You gotta donate them. You gotta donate one a night, to whoever you want. If you don’t, one will be randomly given to a randomly player. That’s right. So donate. You’re a philanthropist, you’re charitable, so be charitable.

The items at your disposal that you can donate are as follows:
  • Your vote for the following night
  • A kill shot
  • $2000
  • A secret advantage
Your ultimate goal is to eliminate the good guys. All of them. Every last one. You can do it, I believe in you!

Please join the game’s hub in a discord server on discord. Here’s a discord link to the discord server on discord. Please make sure you have a discord account and join this discord server. Thanks.
Y’know, I was thinking recently. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we didn’t have feet? It’s always on my mind. The thought creeps into my tiny little brain more often than I would like. But I mean, it’s neat to think about, right? Not having feet. What a world that would be. No more Nikes, no more Converse, how would we wear shoes??? These are the important questions to ponder.

What does feet have to do with mafia? Absolutely nothing. But also everything. Capisce?

Oh hey, you’re a bad guy! Or at least, you’re involved with the bad guys, and that makes you bad. There aren’t many good people left in the city. Think you can overthrow them?

You’re a Gambler. But not a serious gambler, just someone who likes to gamble occasionally. So would you like to do so? If you would, you can choose to use your action during the work day. What will happen? Nobody knows! Anything can happen! It’s random! It could be beneficial, or not. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Just let me know anytime you’d like to gamble during the day phases!

Your goal is to eliminate the good guys. Yeah, you heard correct. You’re bad, remember? So… get rid of the good guys. All of them.

If you’d be so kind, join the game’s hub on Discord. Use this link. Pls.
I’m trying to make these Role PMs unique, but I gotta be honest, I’m running out of ideas. So hey. How you doin. Ready to play?

You’re bad. Real bad. One of the many bad people who have come to overthrow the city. There aren’t many good people left, and now you want to kill them? le gasp! But why would you want to do that, you’re a Zookeeper! Surely not a bad guy? Well, sadly, you are.

Btw you don’t have any powers. You can talk and vote during the night, but during the day you must return to the zoo to fulfill your duties. Sorry fren.

What you are aiming to do, fair Zookeeper, is wipe out the good guys. All of them. All of them, you ask?? Yes. All of them. Every last one. Good luck!

Oh hey, this game has a hub! On Discord! You like Discord? Then join it!
Spiritual Mask Salesman:
Hey buddy, what’d you do today? Wait, crap, I gotta say bye, not hey. Some host I am!

Well, bye buddy!

Ok good chat! But ik you’re busy. You’ve got a class to get back to or something? Yeah, I should let you get back then good High School Teacher. Don’t let me distract you! It’s not like you have time to leave the school and act during the day phases, so I should probably just let you be.

But wait! Something’s not right. You’re a teacher, but you’re also a bad guy??? Not cool, man, not cool. Anyway, for some reason that Mellow Ezlo can’t come up with, you’re a bad guy. Lol yeah, so that’s fun. And there are others like you, too. You guys gotta work together to get rid of the good guys! Every last one. Have fun!

This is quarantine season so please join the game’s discord server. Thx fren, much appreciate.
Hi! I mean bye. I mean hello, er, goodbye! Aw crap I’m confusing myself. This is what I get.

I’m gonna make some pasta rq, then I’ll get back to your role pm. You like pasta? I can make you some. I’m a nice guy, I’m feeling generous.

Let’s eat pasta together. Every night. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We can make pasta. And eat potato chips. And play Guitar Hero. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I… I hate you. I mean I love you. But here’s the thing, both are true. What it means though, well that’s for me to know and you to not concern yourself with, seriously who tf do you think I am??

So, you’re bad. Like, really bad. Like, trying to overthrow the few good people left kind of bad. Also you’re a Bartender, but you’re a daytime Bartender. So during the day, you gotta work and can’t otherwise do anything. I know, not fun, look man I’m doing what I can here so stop with the dirty looks. You can still party all night and vote if you want.

So uh, yeah. Like I said, you’re trying to take out all the good people. Why? I don’t know. Don’t ask questions. I just spent 2 hours writing role PMs so cut me some slack. Just, trust me. Eliminate the good people. All of them. You’ll win.

Oh, looky here, I have a Discord server! Please join it. You must.
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