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Do you miss Splatfests?

Aug 31, 2019
The Splatfests on the original Splatoon were always my favourite part of that game.

Not just the change in soundtrack, plaza & teams but the general buzz surrounding them. Tons of Miiverse art everywhere. Some amazing, some not.

All the online debates about such random things. Whether it be about if you prefer eating or sleeping, Cats or dogs, even Spongebob or Patrick.

Maybe it's just me but Splatoon 2 never caught that buzz, maybe there were just too many amazing switch games that came out that overshadowed it, but it wasn't the same.

Anyone else miss the splatfests? Have any particularly memorable moments?

Splatfest art.jpg


chunky plant goop
I got Splat 1 on release, stood outside for it. I stopped playing it before the first splatfest happened and at this point was reluctant to pick the game back up because I thought I couldn't relearn the controls. I missed out on every single splatfest until the chaos vs order final fest in Splatoon 2... I would say... yes I miss them because with the revival of mayo vs ketchup and the final fest, I actually have a group of friends to play with to make it actually worthwhile and memorable. But it's fine. I'm glad they revived a fest regardless. I missed my chances to grind ability chunks with the splatfest tees but I don't play enough for that to matter I suppose.

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