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Do You Like Your Job?

accio boomerang

you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Feb 22, 2021
Right now I'm working just a regular customer service job it's not what I would like to be doing the rest of my life but I need to work here for the insurance. The customers are what makes it really hard to enjoy my job at times because they can be incredibly rude, and entitled. Also management seems to always cut peoples hours which leads to upset customers because they have to wait longer. I am looking to get into a job that is in the field I want to work in for the rest of my life but so far a lot of them don't offer insurance and I really need that.


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I really like my current job as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Working in the IT industry is something I worked toward for quite a few years at uni so it feels good to have made it in. My current workplace is fantastic too, my coworkers are great to work with and the culture is very flexible and people focused so if we need time to go to an appointment or personal matter during work hours it isn't any problem as long as we manage our own time and get what we need to finish done. We can work from home as much as we want with an office to go to if we feel like it. Also we are allowed to work remotely from overseas for up to eight weeks per year which is a nice perk considering I love to travel.

One of my favourite things is that each Friday morning between 9am-11am we have "Wellbeing Friday" where everyone can spend that time (on the clock) doing anything that they want to contribute to their mental health and wellbeing (even sleeping in!). Plus every month we have a team lunch/early knock off drinks sponsored by the company and each three months a full team day doing some kind of activity like escape rooms, bowling, laser tag, etc.
Jan 12, 2023
I also used to teach music and guitar to supplement things as well. I have considered doing that again, but eh, things are fine right now.
I also considered teaching music for a bit of extra money but I think that having a music diploma isn't enough, unless you teach only adults. A diploma in pedagogy is a must for most music teachers.

Btw I am a warehouse worker for almost 7 years. Have to wake up early tomorrow cause a truck driver arrives in the morning bringing cargo from Italy.
I'm alright with my job. I dunno if I'd say I love it.

I'm a boring truck driver.
I find the most interesting persons I deal with regularly to be truck drivers. One time a van arrived from Moldova and the driver was Russian but didn't speak English. We exchanged some gestures and simple English and Russian words. We were laughing so much, the guy went back to the driver seat to stop his uncontrollable laughter while my supervisor turned red watching the whole situation. I didn't see him again. Apparently he was the boss of the company and combined the delivery with business meetings in southern Europe. My supervisor knew it while I didn't.

I love my job because it involves lifting heavy weights that keep me kinda fit. I like operating different kind of machines too. I also take some time to think that I am contributing by supplying the food industry with bottles, caps and jars.
Nonetheless the job is difficult and had to undergo two surgeries when I was still a newb. Work accidents come and go especially because the warehouse I'm working is not that new and the equipment is outdated.

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