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"Deserves a remake"


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Aug 1, 2012
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I used to really like remakes because they would bring older games to newer audiences. Now I’m pretty tired of them because they are coming out too frequently now and in the case of Resident Evil they change to much about the originals.

I don’t personally feel like any game needs or deserves a remake. I’m just fine with enhanced ports now. People think those are the laziest ways to rerelease games now since we’ve been spoiled so much recently. I’m pretty excited for the RDR port coming to switch (even though I agree that $50 price tag is pretty steep). I saw a lot of people were hoping for a full on remake but there isn’t much I would want changed about that game. It would be cool to see real old and outdated games like Adventure of Link getting remakes but even then I don’t feel like they are really necessary.
May 4, 2014
I vote StarTropics. Or at least a sequel. It's never gonna happen.

Its not because it's old or outdated, but it made some bad decisions. Not much would need fixing.

Hearts and stars are not plentiful and you can't always go back n forth to make enemies respawn anyway.

Fix: Make them appear more often then they do.

You can't carry leftover items out of the dungeons.

Fix: Let Mike keep and store leftover vitamins and sub-weapons. He's got extra slots for a reason. Let him dip his empty jars in coconut milk

Clunky Movement and Jumping: He can't jump forward unless he's over water or pits. That means he's more liable to get hit by enemies or ohko'd on a narrow path.

Fix: Let him jump forward and move more fluidly in general.

Health based weapons: Quite possibly the worst decision in the game. If you lose enough health or die, your weapon downgrades back to the crummy yo-yo.

Fix: Let him keep and/or switch his weapons.

Enemies take off too much health and can jump on tiles. This wouldn't be a problem if healing items weren't so scarce.

Fix: See first fix, and also give out a few more heart containers in game.

Despite all this, I love the game still. It's pretty fun and unusual for its flaws.


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Jan 22, 2016
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There's... a lot that goes into a port, remake, or remaster that I won't belabor here.

Suffice to say, there's several reasons why ports/remasters, and remakes are even considered, and ultimately carried out. Some games are greenlighted for this because they're low risk, high reward projects.

Their overall quality and success in all cases basically comes down to money. In other words, a good remake or remaster is good because the publisher ultimately cares about the product they're greenlighting, so much so that they're more than willing to allocate adequate funding and resources for the development studio to make the project a success.

Contrary to what others might say and have said in this thread, remasters/ports, and remakes are like any other video game project. They need adequate funding and resources like any other game to be successful and good.

Also contrary to what others might say, the impetus behind most remakes and remasters aren't just purely visual, that's a common misconception. Most of the time, developers also care about bringing the original great gaming experience to modern standards, to preserve them, and with that comes along graphical improvements due to how technology has advanced in the previous years.

An example of that is from 1993, Super Mario All Stars. The development studio behind that remake/remaster had, with full support from Nintendo, the ability to change Mario's movement animations, and the placement of enemies in levels, but they didn't make those changes because they felt that would have altered the experience too much from the original.

So just because all remasters and remakes have a visual update, that doesn't mean that's the only reason why they're made, and indeed, many of the reasons why they're made is quality of life improvements that modern game engines give not just to visuals, but other aspects of games.

It's complicated, in so many words, it isn't simple.
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