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Companion or Not?


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Apr 5, 2011
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Many people on this site have complained about how terrible it was to have Navi shoving information down you throat, or how Fi told you things you already knew. Many people have also complained about how annoying a compainion can be, especially when they tell you things you know, even if it is your second playthrough of the game. Very few Zelda games do not have a companion, ALTTP is one that is considered the best Zelda game ever. I think that some of this preference comes from the fact that you don't have an annoying companion forcing you to go through tutorials. ALTTP had a few tutorials but they were mostly optional and most of the explaining how to use the items comes in the text that appears when you pick up the item. There have been very few companions' in the Zelda series that have been helpful beyond giving you obscure hints. Some people love the companions' and others hate them. What do you think on this subject, let me know, discuss it between yourselves. Thanks.


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Dec 24, 2010
I really liked Midna, but Navi and Fi just don't do it for me. I think that having Link go on his own on such an epic adventure would be lonely and sad, so I like the companions.


Jun 22, 2011
As someone that despises tutorials, I wish that any companion we get in the future doesn't need to point out how to open a door (Navi), point out the boss door (Fi), or anything like that. I guess I would prefer to not have a companion at all, but for the sake of new players, we have to have a companion nowadays. I just would make everything they hint at optional. Like how Navi would turn a different color to point something out but you don't have to talk to her instead of the instances in which she automatically stops you to tell you something. Also give players the option to turn off the companion's hints entirely (like they never even would turn a different color or point something out if something is significant) so that Zelda veterans like me don't have to suffer through things we don't want to hear. Another thing that's new to Skyward Sword is that Fi sometimes feels like she has to consult with you to clarify what another character just said- if we understood what the character said (which I always did) then this is needless repetition. They should give new players the option to repeat things but please don't force it on others.

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