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Collecting-Any kind is welcome but preferably Zelda

Apr 7, 2020
Hey everyone...I hope you all are doing good... I am an avid and very serious collector, especially with Zelda, Dragon Ball Z and Gaming in general and any serious collector would agree that a good conversation and a little showing off of your blood, sweat and tears is a good time plus this is a great way to learn, to help people by sharing knowledge and to just enjoy your passion...I have never started a blog or post or anything like this so it’s probably totally in the wrong place or something ridiculous but I thought it would be cool to start some kind of collector’s club or something like that and I would love to start with the Zelda strategy guides but only for the USA region and hopefully we can move on to other regions as time goes by...Believe me that doing one region at a time is more than enough but anyways I currently have 38 Zelda guides with only 1 double so I have 37 different Zelda guides and my goal is to own one of each version made for our entire region and so far I have found photographic proof of at least 70 different Zelda guides...some are very obvious like being a hardcover collectors edition instead of a softcover version but some are very hard to notice let alone find...take Majora’s Mask on the N64 for example: I have personally found, actually seen with my own eyes and documented 10 different guides for that one game and 7 of them are by Prima with each being slightly different then the rest and I think that I am getting really close to completing an accurate and 100% complete checklist for the Zelda guides so I would love to come together with anyone interested and finish this checklist because after hundreds of research hours I have never even found a pathetic excuse of a checklist anywhere and I mean anywhere, not even Wikipedia, so I am hoping that we can make this happen and move on to something else to do with collecting and I promise I don’t normally write so much...I just want to make a good first impression and hopefully I did just that

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