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Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

Jun 12, 2012
I do have many hopes for BOTW II but if I had to choose one of them it is to let us explore the landmass that wraps around over half of Hyrule and I want them to call it Northern Hyrule and have connections to Zelda II in it.

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Lol, I don't think I ever answered what my hopes out of BotW 2 were when I made this thread. So original context which I brought up in the OP: I made this thread after we did a staff feature on the frontpage about what we were hoping for out of BotW 2 back in 2020. We've had one other version of this article that released a few months ago, and my hopes out of the game have evolved since the original article was published.

Originally my hope was we'd get more expansion on the motives of Calamity Ganon, and more info on how Ganondorf turned into Calamity Ganon.

A few months ago my hope devolved to basically, please, please, please just let BotW 2 have a good story, if it was delayed because they are fine tuning a half interesting story, I'm happy, because I'm already sure the gameplay is going to be solid no matter what, but if they took this long and couldn't make a decent story, I'd be pretty disappointed.

Here we are a few months later, and my hopes slipped even further. I just want to game to release next year, that's all, and I'm hoping it has just anything that makes it unique. At this point I don't think a re-hash of BotW, even if it has some new settings, is going to be enough, this game is going to need something that makes it stand out in order for me to feel like the wait has been worth it. New gameplay mechanics, a lot of new areas, maybe even places we've been but they are altered enough to be interesting, maybe even explorable underground areas. Give me a lot of new content, basically.


Aug 27, 2022
Personally i'd love a Rune along the lines of an RC car or drone. It would be amazing to fly/drive around taking pictures and dropping bombs. This doesn't seem very likely to me however since I feel the trailers would have put a greater emphasis on this but hey.

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Oct 6, 2016
Gasha seeds. The tree-growing mechanic would work perfectly with BotW and most of the seed rings could be benign and esthetic with just a few very rare ones giving Link special abilities. It would give us a few more unique rewards for side quests too.

Motivation Ring: +1 carrot when riding horseback

Tingle Ringle: Use tingles red balloon to hover 100 ft off the ground in order to survey the landscape. Link would not be able to use his paraglider from the balloon, it would only be to see over forests and hills and such.

Like-like Ring: Turn into a harmless like-like. You take half damage but can swallow enemies and strip their shields. Useful in certain situations but very limited.

??? Ring: Wear to talk to ??? in latrines across Hyrule. ??? will offer Link tokens like ten rupees, five arrows, or gasha seeds.

Draw Ring: Overdraw your bow to achieve further and flatter shots.

Purity Ring (lol): Allows Link to drink from organic water sources across Hyrule to regain a quarter heart of health per sip.

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