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cotton candy
May 31, 2022
!! important !!

Scenario 1:
- Rag is the Buck and failed to convert numbers. This doesn't mess the balance nor counterclaims Caps.

Scenario 2:
- Numbers was the buck and successfully swapped with someone. Rag is some sort of Cop 2.0. Counterclaims Caps regarding balance.
If rag is the buckifier why would he decide to reveal that information about not flipping purple?

I read it as Rag had a 3p read on Numbers tbh
I just didn't really read it that way on my reread. Your initial push on him was weak, you even admitted so, yet you dove headfirst into it regardless. I don't think that you'd do something that obviously scummy to a partner, especially early in the game.

I agree that it's possible you are partners, but you are not a priority to solve regardless. You can be taken out of the PoE for now.
...In explaining here what you think I wouldn't do as scum you have pretty much exactly described what I did last game as scum.

flail around d1 begging to not be lynched? I didn't need to this time so yea
You h

Morbid Minish

Spooky Scary Skeleton.
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yea exactly
they DID make the kill, rag lies to create chaos, mafia keeps her around because misinformation is good for mafia, she buys enough time to get rid of the buck with a lesser chance of mafia shooting her

But if there's a town killing role they shoot Rag in this situation.

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